3 Ways 21st Century Dental Clinics Can Connect With Patients

Dental Clinics

In the 21st century, the sheer number of marketing options for dental clinics that want to reach new patients can be a barrier to building a successful advertising campaign.

With dozens of options from direct mail and email to social media and reputation management, how can dental clinics choose the campaign that will ensure they connect with patients and turn clicks into bookings?

The truth is that in the 21st century, dental marketing requires a multi-channel approach. Here are three ways you can use the power of modern marketing tools to increase traffic to your dental clinic.

1. Paid Media

One of the best things about advertising on social media is that it allows you to zero in on exactly the demographics you want to reach.

Unlike print advertising or billboards, when you use paid media advertising online, you can control who your ads will be shown to. Does your clinic cater to young families in the Mississauga area? Using paid social media ads, you can make sure that these are people who see your ads.  

Before you start purchasing Facebook ads for your clinic, you should look up dentist advertising tips from Patient News that can help you make smart decisions about how to use this powerful marketing tool. Making sure that your paid media ad dollars go as far as possible means consulting with experts who can help you ensure that your marketing package will have maximal impact. 

2. Invest In Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of those things youíve probably heard about before, especially if youíre interested in the technical side of the Internet.

But knowing that SEO is important and understanding how to build a strategic SEO campaign that will improve your Google rankings and increase page and domain authority are different things, which is why too many dental clinics are struggling to keep their website on the first page of Google searches. 

If youíve put lots of work into designing the perfect website for your clinic, it is worthwhile to invest in an SEO campaign that will make get it to the top of the search rankings so that your site is the first one potential patients click on. 

3. Work With A Dental Campaign Manager

With so many highly technical marketing tools available, many dental clinics are deciding to work directly with a campaign manager who understands their industry and can help them build a campaign that is right for their needs.

When considering dental campaign managers to hire , it is important to make sure they have proven success in the world of healthcare and have the experience and know-how to marshal all your marketing resources to appeal to your target demographics.

In the contemporary world of healthcare marketing, simply trusting that a major investment in one marketing vector will translate into increased traffic is short-sighted. In the same vein, itís also unnecessary to do everything.

In reality, the best way to make your clinic stand out is to invest in strategic marketing approaches that will use the tools that are best for your particular market. Investing in paid media and SEO, and hiring a marketing campaign manager who understands the needs of dental clinics like yours, are great ways to build a strong marketing campaign that combines marketing tools to reach as many patients as possible.