2 Ways to Get Better Quality Sleep

Relaxed woman listening to music through MP3 player using headphones while lying on picnic blanket

Are you wishing you could sleep easier at night? Do you also want to have better quality sleep? Who doesnít want to have those? We all want to have a good nightís rest. However not everyone has it that easy.

We all need to have proper sleep to function well throughout the day. If you continuously lose sleep, it will eventually affect your health as well. Sleep deprivation increases the risk of having cardiovascular diseases, anxiety, and depression. Who wants that?

So if youíre having trouble getting some shuteye, check out these tips that could help you get better sleep at night:

Pay attention to your gadget time. Ė This could be the scenario: itís night time, the lights are already out, youíre tucked in bed Ė but youíre still reaching out for your gadget. Itís understandable, itís natural for humans to want to stay connected.  

Thatís a benefit we get from technology. Our gadgets enable us to stay updated. We acknowledge how useful technology is, but it also has its downside.  

First of all, scrolling down your phone is addictive. Even if you decide that you would only do it for a few minutes, the next thing you know – itís already way past your bed time. Going online is sometimes like going through a blackhole, it just sucks you right in.  

Thereís another reason why you shouldnít be reaching out for that phone late at night.  

Melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleep pattern peaks its production at night. It tells your body when to sleep and when to wake up. Our gadgets emit a blue light that suppresses melatonin production. Whatís the implication? The more you use your phone at night the more you are exposed to blue light. This means itís harder for you to get some shuteye.  

Thereís nothing wrong with using your gadgets though. However, be mindful at the times you use it. Donít get into it when itís leading up to your bed time.  

Change your bed if you have to. Ė If youíre still using that ancient bed, itís time to replace it. A good sleep begins with a good mattress. 

Old mattresses do not provide ample support anymore. They are no longer that firm and itís probably sagging at some areas. And if you do get some sleep, you would wake up with muscle stiffness all over.  

Some people find it hard for to get a new bed. In fact, it could even be quite a hassle given its size. You can get a mattress in a box and order it online. None of the hassles of having to bring in a huge package and you didnít even have to leave home to get it.  

When you order your mattress online though, do make sure that the manufacturer provides more information on trials and warranties. That way, you can have your mattress replaced easier should there be an issue.

Bottomline, you need to change that mattress if you have to. Everyone deserves proper sleep. And if you do get it, it should be a comfortable one. You deserve to get that much needed rest.