10K count takes Andhra’s covid tally near 2L mark

Andhra Pradesh continued to report in excess of 10,000 Covid cases for the third day in a row. While it did not touch the previous highs in terms of single day Covid count or deaths, the state health officials reported substantially high 10,328 cases and 72 deaths in the last 24 hours ending 9 a.m. Thursday.

The highest single-day count of 10,376 cases was recorded on July 31 while the single largest death count of 77 was reported on Wednesday.

Compared to the 10,128 cases on Wednesday, Andhra Pradesh reported 10,328 cases on Thursday morning. The latest update takes the overall Covid tally stopping short of the 2 lakh mark at 1,96,789 cases.

On Thursday, three districts reported fresh cases in four-digit figures, while the remaining ten districts reported three-digit covid numbers. East Godavari topped the list with 1351 new cases followed by Kurnool with 1285 cases.

Deaths were reported from all 13 districts of the state. Anantapur and East Godavari districts reported the highest tally of 10 deaths each followed by Guntur and Chittoor with nine and eight deaths, respectively.

Three of the districts reported six deaths each while another three districts reported three deaths each, and two districts reported two deaths each.