Sad Images

The ever-changing situations of life can sometimes make you sad.

Break up with your partner, unintentionally being disrespectful to someone, moving away from your home, losing a friend, death of your pet are just a few examples of circumstances that make you feel sad. 

It is very reasonable to feel low. Sadness is part of lives up and down. 

Most of us consider sadness useless and an unnecessary emotion, but the truth is sadness is a natural feeling that helps us in coping with specific situations. It helps to adapt, focus, except, grow and preserve our self. Sadness slows you down so that you can think about what you really want in your life. It makes you aware of your dreams, relationships and the kinds of people you are surrounded with

It is ok to feel sad as it is considered a sense of well-being. Psychologists believe that both happiness and sadness are equally essential to maintain our affective state. Negative emotions alert us and guide us on how we need to respond to the world. It acts as a signal that communicates withdrawal and disengagement from the social competition and provides us with a protective cover. 

But we also need to acknowledge the fact that we should not ignore our bad mood for long. No need to pretend you are happy or to show that you don’t need concern and care. The best thing you should do when you are feeling low is to talk to people you trust. The sad mood is your inner desire to gain compassion and empathy to enhance aesthetic and moral sensibility. Sadness is not constant. It will ease if you are honest to yourself and the people around you. 

However, sometimes time, we are unable to convey our feelings.

Do not worry as there are many creative ways to express your mood.

You can update your Facebook or WhatsApp status with sad images to get consideration from your friends and family members

Below we have provided you with a collection of various sad images. Check them out and stay connected for exclusive updates.

sad boy
25.Image Credits: Sad Boy from Pixabay
Alone boy
24. Image Credits: Alone boy from Pixabay
23. Image Credits: boy from Pixabay
Sad woman
22. Image Credits: Sad woman from Pixabay
21. Image Credits: Sad girl from Pixabay
sad boy
20. Image Credits: Sad boy from Pixabay
19. Image Credits: boy from Pixabay
18. Image Credits: lonely from Pixabay
17. Image Credits: little-girl from Pixabay
Girl sad
16. Image Credits: Girl sad from Pixabay

15.Image Credits: little child from Tomsickova Tatyana /Shutterstock
14. Image Credits: Feelings from Rawpixel.com /Shutterstock
13. Image Credits: woman from kittirat roekburi /Shutterstock
12. Image Credits: man from mrmohock /Shutterstock
11. Image Credits: pug from Cameron Whitman /Shutterstock
10. Image Credits: businesswoman from KieferPix /Shutterstock
09. Image Credits: child from Roman Yanushevsky /Shutterstock
08. Image Credits: elderly woman from Mama Belle and the kids /Shutterstock
07. Image Credits: boy and girl from GraphicsRF /Shutterstock
06. Image Credits: Man and woman from PEKHOVA NADEZHDA /Shutterstock
05. Image Credits: confused sad from Dean Drobot /Shutterstock
04. Image Credits: daughter from fizkes /Shutterstock
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02. Image Credits: depressed from YAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV /Shutterstock
01. Image Credits: sitting alone from fizkes /Shutterstock