Heart Images

Emotions are invisible to our eyes and cannot be touched. Nevertheless, our heart can feel them. It is truly said smile and tears comes from heart because only our heart can see what is right, can hear what is true and feel what is called soul.

Roy T. Bennett once said’ “don’t be pushed around by the fears of your mind. Be led by the dreams within your heart”.

When you believe in your heart you live your life with a purpose and full of passion. In addition all the magic and miracle around you unleashes.

Your heart keeps you alive. Your heart beats when you think of people you love. It is filled with joy when your dreams come true. It flatters when others smiles. It trusts people around. It is broken when it is not cared.

When your heart speaks even your mind, find it obscene to object.  So, run in the direction that your heart shows. Let your heart reveal all the secrets. Let your heart express the joy, gratitude and love.

Give your heart to someone. Message heart images or add them to your WhatsApp status. Post them on your Instagram and Facebook. Make heart images your profile picture. Make people around you smile.

red heart
Image Credits: Red heart from Alexey Laputin /Shutterstock
heart shape
Image Credits: Heart shape from Kris Tan /Shutterstock
Red Roses
Image Credits: Red Roses from Mega Pixel /Shutterstock
heart symbol
Image Credits: Heart symbol from Andrei Mayatnik /Shutterstock 
autumn leaf
Image Credits: autumn leaf from Rene Jansa /Shutterstock 
Colour pencils
Image Credits: Colour pencils from Undrey /Shutterstock 
Image Credits: LOVE from KENG MERRY Paper Art /Shutterstock 
Image Credits: Heart background from O.PASH /Shutterstock 
hearts bokeh
Image Credits: Hearts bokeh from manyone /Shutterstock 
romantic flower
Image Credits: romantic flower from Cristina Conti /Shutterstock 
Image Credit: Red heart from NEGOVURA /Shutterstock
Image Credit: Hand-drawn painted red heart from art_of_sun /Shutterstock
Image Credit: Pink watercolor painted flying hearts from art of sun/ Shutterstock
Image Credit: paper hearts from Ostancov Vladislav /Shutterstock
Image Credit: Heart Balloons from Ostancov Vladisla /Shutterstock
Image Credit: Green grass heart from Dim Dimich /Shutterstock
Image Source: Women in heart from Olisia /Shutterstock
Image Credit: patterned heart from tets /Shutterstock
Image Credit: Hearts couple from Marina Grau /Shutterstock
Image Credit: love blue sky from Kriengsak Talek /Shutterstock
Image Credit: Earth in Heart from Khanthachai C /Shutterstock
Image Credit: Red Heart from Khanthachai C /Shutterstock
Image Credit: dog footprint print from KOVTUN DARIA /Shutterstock
Image Credit: heart in a bulb from Bystrov /Shutterstock
Image Credit: pink violet hear from Volodymyr Tverdokhlib /Shutterstock