Happy Birthday Images

 Why are birthdays special? 

Birth of a child makes a significant difference in his/her family. It is the day we entered this beautiful world, and our parent wish of a child or another child fulfils. 

We get only one life. In that one life, we get only one chance to be 16, one chance to live 18, to live 21 and so on. 

So why shouldn’t birthdays is special? 

The date we and others are born should be treated special to make it memorable every year. 

Birthday comes once in a year. Every year on this day, we are one year more experienced, stronger and ready to create lots more memories. It is a natural end of one year but also happy welcome of next year in one’s heart and in the company of family and friends. 

Each birthday you need to commit yourself and wish others good health because good health is an excellent blessing.

For kids birthday is a day of excitement. It is that day of year they wear their favourite clothes, invite friends, distribute chocolates and spend evening partying. 

Let this childish fantasy appeal you even when you grow up. 

We should understand the importance of birthday. It is the day that reminds that we are born in this world with a purpose  and we all are doing something to contribute towards the world what it is today and will be in future. It is the day that reminds us that life is wonderful and world we are born is beautiful. 

This thought give us the reason to celebrate ours as well as birthday of every family member, relative, friends and acquaintance. 

Celebrate birthdays as it is sweet reminder of your existence on this earth and to celebrate relations you are holding. Also, make others feel special on their birthday by sending them happy birthday wishes. Send simple messages to convey how much important the person is in your life. Surprise then with birthday images and make them feel like a queen or a king. Remind them of what they like and how good they feel.

Celebrate birthdays of your special ones, collect beautiful memories, live in the moment keep smiling and encourage yourself and others to play their part in this world with trust and love. 

Find below happy birthday images. Select whatever you find the best to express your warmth. Send good wishes to make birthday of people around you truly their own special day.

35. Image Credits: lighted candles from Shutterstock
34. Image Credits: birthday balloons from Shutterstock
33. Image Credits: lettering text banner from Shutterstock
32. Image Credits: woman celebrating birthday from Shutterstock
31. Image Credits: birthday cake on a table from Shutterstock
30. Image Credits: children at birthday party from Shutterstock
29. Image Credits: Birthday flowers from Shutterstock
28. Image Credits: Birthday concept with cupcake from Shutterstock
27. Image Credits: Birthday Cake from Shutterstock
26. Image Credits: color paper letters from Shutterstock
25. Image Credits: birthday from Pixabay
24. Image Credits: Happy birthday from Pixabay
23. Image Credits: birth day from Pixabay
22. Image Credits: Happy Birth Day from Pixabay
21. Image Credits: Birthday cakefrom Pixabay
20. Image Credits: Happy Birth Day from Pixabay
19. Image Credits: Birthday balloons from Pixabay
18. Image Credits: birth day from Pixabay
17. Image Credits: Birthday celebration from Pixabay
16. Image Credits: Happy Birth Day from Pixabay
15. Image Credits: typography from OtreeStudio /Shutterstock
14. Image Credits: design from AmazeinDesign /Shutterstock
13. Image Credits: lettering text banner from OtreeStudio /Shutterstock
12. Image Credits: celebration from akharchenko Anna /Shutterstock
11. Image Credits: birthday paper from Vjom /Shutterstock
10. Image Credits: Brush Script Style from Tortuga /Shutterstock
09. Image Credits: party balloons from Dominik Hladik /Shutterstock
08. Image Credits: greeting card from 578foot /Shutterstock
07. Image Credits: Blue Birthday cake from JFunk /Shutterstock
06. Image Credits: cake with candles from Studio Romantic /Shutterstock
05. Image Credits: Gift box from Pixaboy
04. Image Credits: Cake from pixaboy
03. Image Credits: Card from pixaboy
02. Image Credits: Emotions from pixaboy
01. Image Credits: Flowers from pixaboy
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