Beautiful Images

 Anything that brings a smile on your lips is beautiful. Many beautiful things surround us. There is a lot to discover every day. A simple walk to your neighbourhood, grass in your garden, hills and mountains, a water body,  a baby sleeping in her cot, your spouse holding your hand, trees in the forest, butterfly sitting on a flower, stars in the sky, rising sun or even children going to school. There is beauty in everything from landscapes to life that is breathing and watching us. There is beauty in nature because it is moving, reproducing and growing. Waldo Emulsion has said, “Nature always wears the colour of the spirit”. In every corner of nature, beauty lies quietly. Static man-made things also sometimes become a source of pleasure and comfort to our eyes. Not every beautiful thing or moment is clear or reveals the subject, but you may also find them puzzling. There is beauty in imperfection and weird things. Beauty is our perspective. 

Elizabeth Kubler Ross has genuinely said, “should you shield the canyons from the wind storms you would never see the true beauty of the carvings”. 

The beautiful images posted below reveals the skill of the creator as well as the photographer who caught these beautiful moments so well. Beauty reserves your strength that endures for long. It plants the seeds of success, love and happiness. 

When you find beauty in everything and everywhere you go you realise that just breathing is not enough, but you need to shine like a sun, blossom like a flower and smile with freedom. 

Check out beauty images below that will take your breath away.

35. Image Credits: 3D rendering image from Shutterstock
34. Image Credits: Space shuttle taking from Shutterstock
33. Image Credits: Royalty high quality from Shutterstock
32. Image Credits: Oil painting from Shutterstock
31. Image Credits: Underwater image from Shutterstock
30. Image Credits; Scenic image from Shutterstock
29. Image Credits: Massage stones from Shutterstock
28. Image Credits: Face of beautiful woman from Shutterstock
27. Image Credits: Beautiful Park from Shutterstock
26. Image Credits: beautiful mountain from Shutterstock
25. Image Credits: lago-di-limides from Pixabay
24. Image Credits: cloud from Pixabay
23. Image Credits: lake from Pixabay
22. Image Credits: boat from Pixabay
21. Image Credits: landscape from Pixabay
20. Image Credits: butterfly from Pixabay
19. Image Credits: adventure from Pixabay
18. Image Credits: tree from Pixabay
17. Image Credits: dove from Pixabay
16. Image Credits: sunrise from Pixabay
15. Image Credits: Wild flowers from LedyX /Shutterstock
14. Image Credits: Azure pond from Creative Travel Projects /Shutterstock
13. Image Credits: forest trees pine from REDPIXEL.PL /Shutterstock
12. Image Credits: cross-processed from Aygul Sarvarova /shutterstock
11. Image Credits: pink flower from LedyX /Shutterstock
10. Image Credits: long exposure sunrise from Hamdyzainal /Shutterstock
09. Image Credits: Aegean Sea from ibpstock /Shutterstock
08. Image Credits: landscape from LookerStudio /Shutterstock
07. Image Credits: Hamburg from Rudy Balasko /Shutterstock
06. Image Credits: Underwater scene from Vlad61 /Shutterstock
05. Image Credits: alpine highlands from Yevhenii Chulovskyi /Shutterstock
04. Image Credits: sunny morning from Yevhenii Chulovskyi /Shutterstock
03. Image Credits: Taormina Theater from Romas_Photo /Shutterstock
02. Image Credits: galaxies from Zakharchuk /Shutterstock
01.Image Credits: lavender field from Matt Gibson /Shutterstock