Six plants that can bring good luck, peace, and prosperity to your home this new year

plants on pots

If you’re ready for some good vibes and wealth this year, maybe you should consider adding a few new plants to your household. 

In addition to upping the oxygen and purifying the air, some plants can bring positive energy into your home. It might be surprising to find that some can even bring you luck, peace, and prosperity, as well as having a few unusual uses both historically and today. Come see which ones you like best and order it today:


An especially easy plant to grow, bamboo is also considered quite lucky to have in the household, according to Feng Shui. Representing balance and harmony, bamboo is a popular gift given in Asian cultures, most frequently given as a housewarming gift intended to bring prosperity, good luck, and a renewed flow of positive energy wherever needed. 

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Boston Fern

Also known as a fishbone fern, wild Boston fern, and sword fern, the Boston Fern is thought to be very welcoming. This is why they are often placed in the entrances, foyers, lobbies, and other areas where guests enter a building. 

Witches insist that breaking the first frond off of your spring Boston Fern will give you good luck, while biting it protects you from toothache all year. Sipping its sap gives you eternal youth. (*this is not recommended.) It’s also believed that burning dried fern leaves brings rain. 

Most of all, the Boston Fern is known as one of the top air-purifying plants. Please place them in high humidity areas with indirect sunlight for the best results.

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Not only do they provide a unique look for your home, but cattails are also said to bring prosperity, good luck, and peace. Native American tribes once used cattails for food and medicine, as well as protection from lightning and in ceremonial rain dances. The pollen was used as face paint.

According to Asian lore, they’re ideal as gifts to show appreciation for a friendship, when a friend starts a new job or business endeavor or placed in households where residents quarrel to help create peace. 

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Honeysuckle has numerous meanings and uses in both Asian cultures and witchcraft. It’s known as a plant that attracts luck, friends, devoted affection, and prosperity. Growing Honeysuckle outside your home sustains love and good fortune, while wearing the scent inspires people to be generous with you. 

Its sweet scent is said to create a sweet disposition in those who wear it (as perfume, in the hair, etc.). Witches use honeysuckle vine to increase their psychic visions and dreams as well as in spells to bind lovers together. If you eat the blossoms of a honeysuckle bush, make sure you leave some for any fairies around — otherwise, they may leave.

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Morning Glory

Plant some morning glories in your garden to bring in a little more peace and happiness. 

You can also place some of their seeds under your pillow at night to prevent nightmares. Native Americans once used their leaves to make a tea for headaches and indigestion as well. 

According to Victorian and Chinese traditions, morning glories have come to represent several things. As the morning glory flowers bloom and die in one day, they signal love, affection, mortality, and lovers who only have a single day to meet. In some cultures, they also represent the month of September and the celebration of the 11th wedding anniversary. 

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English Ivy (part of our Ground Cover Garden package)

Part of the ginseng family, English Ivy, is known as a connecting or binding plant, often used to signify fidelity at events like weddings. Greek priests were once known for giving wreaths of ivy to newly married couples. The Druids once considered it a representative of peace since it can bind other things together, and even when cut, they regrow and connect again. It’s also used in fidelity and love charms. Witches weave it together with holly to make crowns of protection, luck, binding fidelity, and balance. 

Additionally, some consider ivy to guard against disaster and negativity. In the days of Old English taverns, it was believed that ivy growing over their doors was a sign of excellent liquor served within. 

First and foremost, English Ivy is another superior air purifier — but is toxic when ingested. Be careful if you have pets around as well, as it is toxic to dogs, cats, and horses. Tn Nursery has a large selection of Plants For Sale.

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