How to Choose The Best Lawn Mower – Buying Guide

Robot lawn mower

Are you tired of pushing that heavy gas-powered lawn mower over the yard? How about the light one, which doesn’t need gas, and almost remains silent? You would say ‘Perfect,’ isn’t it? Well, you might be interested in the latest generation of the best cordless lawn mower.

It is essential to know that don’t just go out and buy any model that any young guy or a girl told you is the best one available in the market. Take your time, do the research and pick the one that suits your needs.

Here’s the buying guide of what you must go through while buying a mower for your lawn. Take your time, read through the points, and select the best one.

1. Power

Batteries with high-voltage give more power. The more power, the tougher tasks mower is going to handle. The batteries of cordless mowers range from 20V to 120V, but always remember that more of it isn’t always a better thing.

If you are going to buy off the high voltage, the battery will be larger as well. It will weigh more, and the cost will go higher. You don’t need more power to cut grass; only 40V to 58V is enough for the job.

2. Battery running time

Most of the mowers run a maximum of an hour. If your lawn is small, you can finish it in one go without needing to get the battery recharged, but if it is large, then you’ll have to invest in the larger batteries.

It entirely depends upon the amp-hour that for how long the battery is going to run. The higher the Ah of a battery, the longer it will last before you need to recharge it. If runtime is an essential aspect for you, look for products with higher Ah batteries.

3. Adjustable cutting height

Mowers get the option to adjust the deck height so that the grass can be mowed to different lengths. Different grasses need different heights, so this will prove to be beneficial for you. On the mowers that run on gas, height adjustment needs to be done at every wheel, which can be painful. Look for the ones where you could adjust the system easily.

4. Height of the lawnmower

Most of these mowers are lightweight compared to gas-powered mowers and composite materials and durable plastic are used instead of metal. If you use a mower that is not self-propelled, the weight reduction can help reduce the efforts needed to run the mower.

5. Comfortable handle

If you have ever used a mower on a lawn, you know that your hands will get tired easily from gripping while handling it for so long. Look for the handle with ergonomic features, padding, and different hand placement options.

Cordless mowers use lithium-ion batteries, and therefore they are easy to start, environment-friendly, lighter in weight, and don’t make much noise. Make sure to buy the one that fits perfectly for you and your environment.