Four Ways to Renovate Your Back Garden for Summer

View to the garden from the back door of a refurbished house

Spring is almost here, and summer is soon approaching. But your back garden might still look like it is in the throes of winter.

Whether you plan to sit and enjoy the quiet sunny evenings or host an all-day family barbecue, these five ideas will help you liven up your back garden. From design ideas that cost only the change in your pocket, to long-time investment renovations, these tips can get your garden summer-ready.

1) Mood Lighting

As the days grow longer and warmer, sitting out and enjoying the sunset can be even better with subtle mood lighting dotted around the garden. String lights are a cheap and simple way to gently light an area, either hanging from the patio roof or woven into the trees.

If you are feeling creative, homemade lanterns out of mason jars provide the hipster chic that can be only improved upon with some vintage light bulbs. To figure out what might suit your garden best, check out this helpful guide.

2) Hammock or Swing Chair

Still on the cheaper side, a simple hammock or swing chair will give you the relaxing accent you need to make your garden as comfortable as your bed or couch. If you have the benefit of a strong support beam above or two sturdy trees, hanging seats blend in perfectly with the look of your back yard. But if not, free-standing hammocks are ideal. They provide you with the same experience as a hanging hammock, but you have the added benefit of moving and storing it in less seasonable weather.

The main thing to consider for an outdoor hanging seat is how much structure and support you might want and how you most likely would use it. For a sun-kissed recline, the hammock my be the best choice. If you want to curl into the back of a chair and read while gently swaying, the swing chair may be for you.

3) Decking

If you are looking to make a major renovation, then you cannot go far wrong by investing in some outdoor decking. While originally found in ships and coastal boardwalks, residential decking can take an unused or unkempt space and turn it into a stylish outdoor space. The ability to choose different textured and colored woods makes decks adaptable to any space. Given the range available, prices are flexible to your budget.

To see examples of what might suit you garden and budget, these LA deck builders have helpful examples.

4) Fire Pit or Bowl

For the more daring and expensive options, a fire pit or fire bowl is a great place to gather around as the sun goes down. Whether dark cast iron or a smooth light grey concrete, a fire pit turns the rustic outdoor look of a bonfire into an elegant feature for your backyard.

Given the variety of materials and sizes available on the market, it is a perfect addition to any space. For the truly adventurous, it is possible to fashionyour own concrete fire pitthat you can gloat over the next time you have friends around.

Which Feature Should You Start With?

Ultimately there is no limit on how to make your backyard more beautiful and comfortable. A little creative DIY and willingness to invest gives you the opportunity to transform your entire space. The question is: which feature will you try this spring for a more beautiful backyard this summer?

We recommend beginning with the budget-friendly items on our list, #1 and #2 – that way, you can start making progress as you plan your new deck and shop for your fire bowl.