Why remote Minecraft servers are the ultimate choice for an enhanced gaming experience

Minecraft servers

One of the highest-selling games ever, Minecraft has been a trendsetter in the online video game industry. Even though eleven years have passed since its release, Minecraft continues to grow and feature among the most-played video games of all time.

What sets Minecraft apart from other games in its league is the vivid, immersive world of creativity that it opens up for its users. The game allows players to mold gameplay based on their creative streak. Minecraft operates on a “block-building” premise, which lets gamers convert a blank canvas into whatever they conceive in the realms of their imagination. While the single-player mode in Minecraft is interesting, it is playing the game with friends that truly elevates the fun. As with any online multi-player game, a server is essential for enjoying Minecraft with other gamers. While some users may choose to host the server on their computers, using a remote Minecraft server provider is a far better option for the following reasons:

  1. Instant set-up: Let’s face it – hosting a server on your own can be tricky. While the time and effort required to set-up and maintain the server is one thing, the significant cost involved in keeping the server running at all times is another factor altogether. With a remote Minecraft server, you are ready for gameplay in a matter of seconds, without having to worry about cost implications like electricity and hardware. What’s more, remote server hosting players also provide a high degree of customization through a user-driven control panel that is simple to use.
  • One-click mod packs: Crowd-sourced modifications or ‘mods’ are a USP of Minecraft. The Minecraft modding community is one of the most active gaming communities and is responsible to a large extent for the game’s roaring success.  Through modding, players can easily install new features when they want a fresh twist in their gameplay. With remote modded Minecraft server hosting providers, you can access the best mod packs with the click of a button and use them to amplify your gaming experience. This method is considerably less time-consuming than installing the mods one by one on a self-hosted server.
  • Enhanced game performance: Remote server hosting providers leverage high-quality infrastructure and high-speed networks that specifically aim at eliminating latency. Contrary to this, a self-hosted server which is running on a home internet connection exhibits relatively low processing power and inadequate bandwidth. Such a set-up is not ideal for handling high levels of gaming activity and can result in lags, which disrupt the gamers’ experience.
  • Anytime-anywhere availability: One can access remote Minecraft hosting service providers at all times, from anywhere in the world. What’s more, game server providers also boast of strong protection against stray DDoS attacks, which ensures round-the-clock server uptime for smooth gameplay.
  • Specialized support: Remote game server rental services come with 24/7 customer care. Their experienced support team can quickly and effectively resolve any glitches that players may encounter. Such assistance spares gamers the hassle of having to resolve technical issues on their own, which can get extremely frustrating.
  • Extended storage and data back-ups: For an intricate game like Minecraft, which boasts of several mods and textures, massive data storage capacity is an important consideration. While remote server hosting providers grant unrestricted access to storage space, this aspect is a pain-point in self-hosted servers. Moreover, game server specialists follow a protocol of regular, automated data back-ups for an undisturbed gaming experience.

Besides the main advantages of remote Minecraft server hosting providers, many of these players have started offering additional value propositions like free-sub domains, pre-made mini-games, etc. to their users.

For an infrastructure-intensive and resource-heavy game like Minecraft, opting for a remote server hosting provider is the more sensible choice, both from a cost as well as a convenience perspective. A versatile game like Minecraft flourishes in the multi-player mode. Whether you are building grand, elaborate cities or exploring brand new biomes, a remote server host is sure to up the ante for you and your friends.

Image credit: Minecraft servers via ii.studio/Shutterstock