Which Scratch Card Games Have Been Inspired By the World’s Exotic Locations?

There’s no doubt that one of the best things that someone can do with an extended break is to go on holiday to an exotic location. From the various different islands in the Caribbean to the vast landscapes of Africa and Eastern Asia, there are several different exciting countries to explore. These differences have been characterized in all sorts of different ways including in scratch card games – here’s some of them. 

It is worth noting first of all that online scratch cards from providers like Paddy Power can have ties to several different things, be it exotic destinations or otherwise. For instance, their website details a wide range of games inspired by everything from movies such as King Kong to instant win cards that can be based on television shows such as Deal or No Deal. The Noel Edmonds-fronted game show has become a popular medium for adaptation in all walks of the gaming world. From scratch cards to slots, the simple and accessible nature of the game, as well as its familiarity has meant that its enduring popularity has only been sustained, just in slightly different forms.

When it comes to those based on locations around the world, there is an argument that the scratch card that derives from the 1985 smash hit movie The Goonies has an element of exotic about it. This is given the fact that the movie sees a ragtag band of misfit kids from Oregon embarks on an adventure to find the fortune of a 17th-century pirate. It is this nature of exploration and even the ties to pirates that makes for the comparison to exotic locations, as is confirmed by the fact that any pirate’s treasure has been obtained by their own excursions to otherworldly locations.

In addition, whilst not exotic as such, the ties to interesting places don’t just end with The Goonies and cave exploration but also find links to other areas such as Ireland, with a scratch card that utilizes traditional Irish imagery. Ireland has long been a place of wonder and intrigue not only due to its geography, but also its lasting cultural impact beyond the shores of the Irish Sea.

Irish folklore and mythology have long been preserved in oral history and some traditions have become popularised worldwide. For instance, the idea of leprechauns being gatekeepers to a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow is a story that has been propagated for several hundred years and has essentially become a key part of modern Irish folklore as a result. This traditional view is also one that has been utilized to great effect in some online scratch cards and other casino games that makes for a rather familiar playing experience for those involved.

Exotic locations, be it whether they’re involved in scratch cards or otherwise, will always have a certain draw about them. With some being based on popular destinations such as Ireland, it sustains the interest that tourists will have in them and is likely to contribute to further booms in the travel industry for many years to come.