Which Casino Games Have Best And Worst Odds?

Casino Games

This article will be a short overview of which casino games have good and bad odds in comparison to other games. Everyone wants it clear from the very beginning playing at top Australian casinos online and other casinos that there is no such thing as an absolute probability because it depends on several factors like: house edge, number of rounds, possible combination, even money bias, average bet size limits, etc. Casino table game odds can be hard to understand. The house edge is sometimes expressed as a percentage, sometimes as an amount you would expect to lose. It’s even more confusing when you know that the better odds games are called ‘looser’ and vice versa.

Still, there are some games where you can expect your chances of winning to be much higher. The following article shows the games where players have a better chance of winning, as well as those with a much lower chance.

Best Odds Blackjack

The house edge of a basic strategy blackjack is 0.5%. If you add a few more minutes to your play session, the advantage in blackjack with card counting is about 3%. In either case, this makes it one of the best casino games for players who want to have a chance at winning. Other conditions that affect the outcome are when playing with fewer decks and how many decks are used. The fewer cards there are, the better your odds of getting an ace or two face cards (which count as 10) instead of just one. On the other hand, if more decks are used, you’ll get more hands worth 20s and 21s for beats without busting your hand. Finally, the kind of table you’re playing at makes a huge difference: blackjack is better played with a single player and dealer, especially using the European rules.

Worst Odds Craps

There’s no such thing as a ‘best’ bet in craps, but if you insist on getting some good odds for your money, stick with pass-line bets. The house edge for this play is less than 1%, significantly lower than the 5% edge for all other bets – don’t let that fool you into thinking that it’s smart to always take pass-line bets, though. The more complicated wagers also have better odds and can pay out much bigger wins if lucky! Since every online casino uses all-or-nothing payout tables.

In casinos, craps players have the lowest edge against the house among all other casino table games. Craps is not just one of the worst odds games but also one of the least popular. The house edge for craps is about 2.7%. It varies between different bets, however. For pass line or come bets, players have a 1.41% edge over the house while making a place and buying bets on numbers gives a 9% edge. While this is the highest edge on numbers bet, players have a 47.30% chance of winning for come bets and 53.3% with place bets, which is better than other casino table games.

Casino Roulette 

Casino roulette has the same odds for all types of bets. That’s why it is commonly referred to as European roulette. The house edge on American roulette is 5.26% which makes it one of the worst odds games on casino tables. It’s also worth mentioning that this game doesn’t have an even payout scheme, so there are lower payouts for winning numbers than other casino table games. In addition, there are some betting systems that can help you win more often, even with worse odds, but your wins will be small and infrequent without any significant strategy or system backing them up. You can increase your chances by using some special software that shows you where to place bets to win as much as possible.

It’s not easy to come out ahead at roulette, even if the house edge is only 5.26%. It requires a very good strategy and tons of discipline.

What Is a Casino Game with the Best Odds?

Every gambler wants to play the games with the best odds. Here are all examples of such casino games:

  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Sic Bo

These games have a low chance of winning, which allows the players to win money more frequently than other games. In addition to offering lower odds, they also offer faster gameplay because there’s less strategy involved. They’re great for players who haven’t been playing in casinos for long or those who simply want something that isn’t as intense as blackjack or poker, where you need to make decisions based on what cards come out next.

Which Casino Game Is with the Worst Odds?

Slot machines stand out as having some of the worst odds in casinos all over the world – they usually offer less than a 50/50 chance of winning money back, sometimes as low as 35/65 chances! Baccarat used to have a relatively low house edge, but this has changed recently. Today it is not uncommon for baccarat to have house edges above 5%. 

Slot machines with their generally high house edges are the games with the worst odds. If you look at them closely, there are times when you can get paid more than 100x your bet after playing for only a few minutes. You will lose your money faster than at any other casino game because it is nearly impossible to apply any strategy or technique that can improve slots’ odds. The random number generators are programmed in such a way that they produce results with an irregular pattern that can’t be predicted no matter how good you think you are at reading subtle visual signals from the machine. In most cases, the best you can hope for is a small win in the long run. It’s no wonder most people lose far more often than they win when they play these games.


The best games for players are those that offer high payouts and also have odds in your favour. Blackjack, baccarat, and Sic Bo all fall into this category. If you’re just getting started playing these games, then it’s much better to play them than others like slots that would only give you bad odds of winning anything back at all. At least with blackjack, the chances are slightly better – especially if you’ve mastered basic strategy! Good luck to everyone out there!