What You Can Get an MTG Player: 4 Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for gifts for Magic: The Gathering players, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, you will get four great gift ideas that any MTG player would love. Whether your loved one is just starting out in the game or they are a seasoned pro, there’s something for everyone. So, read on to find out!

A New Playmat 

Every MTG player needs something to play on, so why not help them out? There are tons of custom playmats that would be great to get as a gift. This would be an awesome first Christmas gift for someone who has just picked up MTG or they could add it to their collection if they are already playing.

You should also mind the quality and the material of the playmat. Some materials like cloth or neoprene are more durable while others, like paper, can be easily destroyed with spills and tears.

A new playmat is a great way to show your support for your favorite player or just to help them keep their cards organized and tidy. So if you’re looking for an MTG-related gift, don’t forget about the new playmat!

When it comes to Magic: The Gathering, you have a lot of options to customize a playmat with new styles and designs. You can even get them in different sizes if you want something small enough for a pocket or big enough to cover an entire tabletop!

Some new playmats are made of neoprene, which is a material that’s durable but also soft so it won’t scratch up your cards when they’re down on the mat. Others have anti-slip properties like rubber backing and non-skid surfaces which make them perfect for playing at home without worrying about slipping around too much!

MTG-themed Merch 

Huge MTG fans will love MTG-themed merch. There are all kinds of merchandise out there. Some of them are the following: 

  • MTG-themed T-shirts
  • MTG mugs and glasses
  • MTG toys
  • MTG notebooks and journals
  • MTG beanies or hoodies
  • MTG phone cases
  • MTG blankets
  • MTG Funko pops!

There is also a wide range of thematic items for fans of particular decks of cards like the ones with Jace Beleren on them or Liliana Vess-themed stuff. Store owners know how much these mean to MTG fans so you can be sure that there are lots of MTG-themed merch out there.

These players can flex their MTG knowledge and show it off with pride. If you know an MTG player who is difficult to buy for, consider picking up some MTG-themed merch for them! It will put a smile on their face and they’ll definitely appreciate the gesture.

A Custom Card Sleeve 

Card sleeves are one of the most important things in a Magic player’s arsenal. They keep our cards protected, which is especially important for older collectible cards that are worth more than others. 

But custom card sleeves go beyond providing protection. They can be custom-designed to express your love and support for Magic: The Gathering, or show off some artwork you like!

These custom card sleeve designs include not only popular artworks from MTG artists but also original illustrations by our own artists as well!

There are a lot of options for custom MTG card sleeves. You can go with a custom design or something more general, like “I love Magic” for example. 

Try to find out who their favorite character or artwork is and go from there! If you’re feeling extra generous, a custom card sleeve might be the perfect gift for an MTG player. Not only will they appreciate your thoughtfulness, but they’ll also love showing off their new sleeves at tournaments!

There are also many practical reasons to give custom card sleeves as a gift to an MTG player. For example, if their deck is in bad condition and they’re not too keen on the sleeveless play, then a new set of card sleeves might be the perfect solution!

Sleeves are also great for players who like to keep track of life totals with pen and paper. Again, it protects the cards from wear and tear. 

Deck Holders 

Another useful gift is deck holders. These deck boxes store a deck and protect the cards from damage, dust, and moisture. They also keep all the cards together, which is important since MTG players usually have many decks with very different purposes.

This will help them out a lot when they’re trying to get ready for a tournament or just want to play a quick game. There are many deck holders on the market, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that your MTG player will love.

Just make sure that it’s big enough to store their deck comfortably. Some deck boxes can even hold multiple decks and all of their accessories! 

MTG players like to have custom stuff with them, so getting them a new playmat is a great idea. You can also buy them some Magic-themed merch that they’ll love as well as practical gifts like card sleeves and deck holders. They will love any of these presents!