What Ping Pong Ball Brands Hold up The Best

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The table tennis game doesn’t require too much instrumentation. As a matter of fact, all you need is a table, paddles and the ping pong ball.

Amongst these three, the ping pong ball is the smallest and as a result sometimes gets the least priority from most people. Sheer ignorance if you ask us because the game actually revolves around the ball. If you think about it this way then you should learn more about how they affect the game.

A quality ping pong ball is expected to create enough uniform bounce to equally allow both players to play competitively. A defective or low-quality ball will definitely affect the game badly.

There are lots of brands who intend to create the right experience by producing “the best” ball but are they all top-of-the-shelf quality? We don’t think so.

Therefore, we suspect you might be having a hard time knowing which balls can actually hold their own irrespective of the game intensity. This article is expected to give you an insight into all that.

Common Top Tier Ping Pong Ball Brands

Quality, reputation and importance are three of the most specific adjectives that qualifies a brand as top tier.

Top tier brands ensure that their logo on any product sends a strong message of assurance to the subconscious mind of anyone who is to use it or even merely see it. The following brands are known for these things in the table tennis industry.

  • Killerspin
  • Nittaku
  • XuShaoFa
  • Sanwei


The Stiga brand has a ball that suits all kinds of games. Ranging from competition-approved to recreation-fit and from indoor to outdoor balls, Stiga has the perfect ball for everybody. A top-tier brand indeed!

All balls made by Stiga carry a 40+ marking, indicating that they are made from ABS material. They offer the following quality balls:

  • STIGA 3-star table tennis ball
  • STIGA 1-star multicolor
  • Training 40+ 6-pack table tennis balls white
  • Perform 40+ 100-pack table tennis balls white
  • Joy table tennis balls 4-pack


Killerspin aligns themselves properly with the requirements of the ITTF in a bid to make table tennis more viewer-friendly.

They offer official table tennis balls rated 40+ with the regulated size of 40mm.

They put in all the traditional requirements to make a quality ball together with some new age technology to provide the following balls:

  • Killerspin 2-Star 6-Pack Balls
  • Killerspin hardball 4-Star ABS 40+
  • Killerspin NoNoise Ping Pong balls-pack of 3 balls
  • 2-Star hardball


Nittaku is a Japanese brand which has consistency, durability and roundness in all balls as their major watchward. This approach has earned the brand the privilege to be used as the official ball for any ITTF-sanctioned competition.

They offer the following balls.

  • Nittaku 3-star premium 40+ table tennis balls
  • Nittaku 12 balls Nexcell
  • Nittaku 3-star premium 3-balls white


Considering the founder of the brand is one who previously played the game, the brand concentrates on manufacturing balls that focus on making the game very enjoyable and standard for the players.

The brand can be credited for coming up with one of the most important innovations in the history of table tennis. They came up with the invention of the seamless poly table tennis ball.Their most common balls include the following:

  • XuShaoFa  (XSF) 3-star Poly ball 40+ pack of 144
  • XuShaoFa  (XSF) 3-star Poly ball 40+ pack of 48
  • Premium 1-star training ball box of 6


This is a chinese brand established in 1993 for the sole purpose of providing quality and professional equipment for table tennis players. They are also committed to ensuring professional equipment is affordable to all players so that  all players can enjoy the sport ultimately.

Over the years, they have kept this promise by providing ping pong balls that can actually hold up under any kind of condition. Common balls by them include:

  • Sanwei ABS HD 3-star balls pack of 72
  • Sanwei ABS 1-star training balls pack of 72

Higher Priced vs Lower Priced Balls

The big argument of whether high price guarantees quality continues when it gets to ping pong balls. While some balls can be gotten for a fairly cheap price, you’ll be astounded by the price tag on some balls.

What matters the most? What tells these different categories of balls apart actually? Let’s find out!

Actually, the major factors which determine the price of a ping pong ball are the brand’s reputation, ball’s quality and sometimes general demand. Now, it is true that balls with higher quality as recommended by trusted brands some of which have been talked about above come with quite a high price.

However, another important thing to be considered is the purpose for which the ball is meant. Balls meant for professional tournaments have a higher price than those meant for training or recreational purposes. Most times, ITTF-endorsed balls are generally higher in price than those that are not endorsed.

Finishing Thoughts

Ping Pong balls might just mean more to a good table tennis game than most people think. Afterall, that’s what is being played.

While some brands have built a reputation of actually producing balls that meet professional standards and make the game better for players, others might not meet up with this standard. This article has highlighted some of the most trustworthy brands that can actually hold their own in any match.

Furthermore, we hope you do not get confused with the price of the different balls when looking to make a choice. Most balls with ITTF approval and meant for professional tournaments tend to have higher prices.

Now we expect you to know the best balls able to withstand any playing condition.