What kind of games can I play on my mobile?

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The past decade has seen many games being developed across the world, thanks to advances in technology.

Here youíll find some games for your tablet or smartphone. The games are suitable for all popular iPhone and Android devices, and some of them offer exclusive sign up bonuses. Check out the list below to start enjoying your December.


Legal online betting is growing at an unprecedented rate and the majority of the people who bet on various games including jackpots do it  through mobile sports betting apps. 

Not all betting apps are created equal, however. There are some considerable differences between mobile apps when it comes to user experience, reliability, responsiveness, depth of the sportsbook menu, customer service and pricing.

For instance Betway is Free on both iOS and Android platforms. The application is easy to use and clean. There are no annoying pop-up menus.

Egyptian Rise

Although the gameís motif is not novel in the mobile slot machines world,  Side Cityís Egyptian Rise is one of the best games that you can play on your mobile while relaxing or while on the move.

The graphics are a cross between Ancient Egypt and  Las Vegas. The music is also enjoyable, and the RTP is set at 97.756 percent.

Additionally , there are 243 different ways to win, respins on all wins, and a free spins bonus. You can try your luck on Betway.

Lotsa Slots 

This is a well-known mobile slot game. It has over 80 distinct slot machines to play on, huge jackpots (when youíre lucky enough to win one), and plenty of free spins opportunities to keep the game interesting.

 There are also levels to unlock, implying a progression system, as well as social elements such as leaderboards and in-game friends. Itís probably not as good as its Google Play rating suggests, but itís far superior to most mobile slot games.

Mario Kart Tour

While Mario Kart Tour has been criticized by some  for micro transactions, itís honestly not as bad as it appears. Mario Kart Tour is a lot of fun to play, and it features  online multiplayer so you can race your friendsóespecially those who enjoy casual gaming but donít own a console. 

While it may not be as good as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch, it still has a lot of that relationship-destroying Mario Kart fun that we all  love to see.

The game is totally free to play and will remain so unless you choose to purchase gems to buy characters from various pipes. While the loot box system is totally flawed, the game does a good job of keeping the odds in check. Itís not the most heinous microtransaction system we have seen.

Monument Valley 2

The entire Monument Valley sequence is breathtaking. It has some of the most artistic and polished visuals in gaming, let alone mobile gaming. Itís also therapeutic, allowing you to forget about yourself and concentrate on something that elicits emotions due to limited storytelling.

To properly understand it, turn your phone to ďdo not disturbĒ mode while playing. Monument Valley is deserving of it. You will be glad you did.