Ways of Improving the Performance on Your Gaming Laptop

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Even though having a gaming laptop may not give you the performance you would get from a gaming desktop, you can still enjoy playing the games you love. There are ways you can use to optimize the performance of your gaming pc. They are as follows.

Clean it regularly

The first thing you have to do to achieve the best gaming performance is taking care of your laptop. Dust and dirt can cause a lot of harm to your notebook. It will reduce the airflow which can make the laptop to get overheated. The heat will eventually buildup and slow down the processor and GPU. You have to make sure that you dust your laptop regularly.

Update drivers

You also need to update your drivers. Whether you are using Linux, Windows or macOS operating system, it is important to update the drivers. Your laptop should have the latest gaming driver version. You can set the GPU management software to update automatically.

Optimize power settings

Most laptops can work without being plugged into a power source as long as it is fully charged. However, for gaming, you need to have the ultimate power source. So, you should keep your laptop connected to enjoy it. There are power management options you can take advantage of especially when you use windows operating system. You can set your laptop to high performance.

Close the background apps

Windows 10 has many processes that run in the background. To get maximum gaming performance on your laptop, you need to close all these background apps. If you have bought the Razer Blade laptop, you can use the Razer game booster. It optimizes your gaming laptop’s performance. 

Network speed

The gaming performance depends on driver, configurations, and hardware. If you are playing online, your internet connection speed is an important element. When playing games online, you will have to deal with lag sometimes due to slow connections. To improve the performance, you need to have fast internet.

Turn off automatic updates

The automatic updates can download in the background thus affecting your gaming performance. You can turn off these updates. Try disabling the windows updates for 35 days and keep your computer offline. It is also necessary to install the updates as soon as windows prompt you to do so.

Change the game settings

Take a look at your card settings. It is especially the case when you want to run a specific game. There are master controls that you can change to determine how your game looks. You can change the game settings in the display setting option on your Razer Blade laptop. You will be able to change the shadow quality and texture settings according to the graphic card on your laptop.

Improving the performance on your laptop does not have to be hard, you must maintain it in good condition. You do not have to get a new system, just improve on the above and you will be on your way to have the best gaming experience.