Up the ante with live casino in your own home

live casino

If you love playing your casino favourites online, then you’re sure to love those games even more when playing casino live in your own home! With this new form of online gambling, players get the chance to play with real people, in real time, for real money! All that excitement whilst you lay back on your sofa, no trousers on and a freshly brewed cuppa in a hand – what could be better?

Before you start your live casino adventure, let us give you a quick tour of what’s waiting for you!

Live Spin a Win

Looking for a bit of zest and showbiz glamour? Well this is the live game for you! Live Spin a Win takes inspiration from the popular television gameshow ‘Wheel of Fortune’, the main premise being a wheel-spin gamble. Much like the original version of the game that we see on the box, Playtech’s rendition of the classic operates using a real studio and gameshow hosts – giving you the real television experience! Your host will spin the wheel for you as each round of betting rolls round, with a whole selection of numbers and win multipliers on offer, a reasonable 7x your original stake up for grabs.

Live Spin a Win also offers up the chance to place three different side bets, along with your standard wager. With these you can bet on whether the wheel will land on an odd, even or win multiplier segment. The majority of payouts will equal up to 40x your original stake, and all players will have a guaranteed maximum chance of 97.22% to win back their money!

Live Buffalo Blitz

An original development in the live online gambling world, Live Buffalo Blitz is a live action version of one of the most popular Slots games around! Unlike what you’re used to, this slot is narrated by an ever-encouraging host, letting you know when it looks likely that a win is on the horizon. Set across six reels, with 4,096 ways-to-win, the benefits of a live action slot are undoubtedly the company of your host, commenting on your progress and guiding you through the bonus games. There’s a wide range of prizes to aim for in this game including 100 free spins and a maximum 200x your initial bet jackpot.

There are multiple symbols to look out for too. The base game includes the traditional high value card symbols, as well as a whole range of animal icons such as bears, buffalo and moose. As you’d expect from the game’s namesake, the highest value symbol in this slot is the bold and brash buffalo – six of these hefty cattle icons along the same payline will get you the whopping jackpot worth up to 300x your original wager.

So, there you have it. A glimpse into the world of live online casino, and all it has to offer. Excitement and big wins, all from the comfort of your own home, along with the company of a live host who keeps you in the loop as your gameplay continues. What more could you want?