Top Paid Android Games – SaveDelete

Sometimes buying a game is the best way to experience it, even on mobile! There wonít be any ads in the way, youíll get to play it whenever you want and you have the satisfaction of actually finishing the game.

Since these are all paid games, make sure to get some Google Play Gift Cards to make your purchases smoother!

Plus, buying a game helps the developers and game creators to continue what theyíre doing: whether itís game maintenance and updates or creating a new sequel. So whenever you buy a game, remember that youíre also helping people and sustaining them.

Monument Valley

Weíve all heard of the typical princess rescue trope popularized by Mario games, but Monument Valley is anything but a Mario game. Itís a puzzle adventure where you traverse through weird worlds and buildings as the princess itself.

Youíre essentially helping her find the right path back home through ever-changing landscapes and creepy Crow People. There are hidden paths to uncover and optical illusions to wade through, so always be diligent and keep an eye out for enemies trying to bring the princess down.

Overall, the game will draw you in with beautiful graphics and have you scratching your heads on how to move forward.


A card game, but not an ordinary one. It takes the concept of Game of Thrones pretty seriously and is as exciting as the series itself. In fact, they even made a Game of Thrones version of the game. There are three versions of the game that you could get, based on your own preference: Reigns, Reigns: Her Majesty, and Reigns: Game of Thrones.

Reigns is set in a fictional medieval world, and youíre the monarch controlling it all. It is up to you who to believe in a court of sneaky advisors. Some are out to get the throne, some are out to kill you, and some might have their best interests for you at heart. You decide who to listen to, and which course of action to take. There are over 200 cards that influence your choices.

Beware, your downfall or expansion depends on your decisions. There are some lighthearted moments in the game, so itís not all political and strategy-based – itís supposed to be fun after all!


Well, the familiar call of open world-building and adventure is here, condensed in the shape of a simple mobile phone. Everyone is aware of the sandbox adventure that is Minecraft right? Itís a franchise that spans through the ages and all forms of media – and with good reason, of course.

It doesnít matter how old you are, Minecraft has what you need. Be it world-building, crafting, adventuring, or just plain olí killing creepers, Minecraftís got it. You can play with your friends, too, and make it a whole bonding team adventure. Needless to say, you can exercise your creative muscles and satisfy your need for adventure all in one game.

Go on, build the house of your dreams, or set out on an adventure of a lifetime in the blocky world of Minecraft.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The ever-famous Ďcriminalí adventure open-world game that made big moves for the genre and is arguably the best Grand Theft Auto game to be released during its time. San Andreas can now be found on your mobile devices for nostalgiaís sake. Honestly, itís still a good deal since Grand Theft Auto V is still not on any mobile devices yet.

Plus, it was one of the best for a good reason. You play as CJ, the main character that owns a business with multiple girlfriends, and the opportunity to explore two new cities. The graphics are somewhat improved from its first release (of course) and the game is as fun as always.

Remember to make your family proud as you parade around the streets and steal some cool cars!

Stardew Valley

If youíre looking for something more relaxed that could lead to fulfillment, Stardew Valley is probably the best course of action. Since weíre all trying to escape the world of capitalism and the busy city life, perhaps escaping to a remote village with a farm in a game is the next best thing.

Plus, itís not all about farming. You can form relationships, battle monsters, care for animals,  uncover mysteries, mine, and fish as well. Thereís a lot to do and villagers to interact with, all paired with a soothing soundtrack and beautiful pixel art graphics. Who knew a pixelated sunset could look this good? Honestly, youíll be surprised by even the little things in this game.

Itís true what they say, itís the simple things in life that make us happy. Stardew Valley is just an example of that.

The Room

A puzzle mystery game by Fireproof Games where you will have to solve a series of puzzle boxes to uncover the mystery of each location. The Room has now evolved into a series of games, so you can choose from: The Room Two, The Room Three, The Room: Old Sins and a VR titled The Room VR: A Dark Matter.

Youíll be faced with 3-dimensional puzzle boxes that you can move around and look at from all angles to try and figure out how to open. Bit by bit youíll uncover little notes from the previous person who opened the box and their descent into madness. These serve as clues on how to open the next boxes as well and what it contains.

If youíre down for a head-scratcher with some creepy elements, perhaps this is the game for you to take on. Itís definitely a challenge.


There you have it! Some of the top paid games you could get on Android today. Hopefully, this list does you justice and helps you have fun exploring new worlds and making wise decisions. Remember, the important thing is that you have fun! Anyways, do let us know in the comments below what paid Android games that you think people should give a chance. We love to hear from you