Top Earning Android and iOS games, which beats PUBG Mobile in Earning:

Android and iOS games

According to a given list of the Highest Grossing mobile games by Wikipedia that beat PUBG Mobile, there are three Top games in earnings, and after that in 2022 PUBG Mobile is on the top 4 list of the world’s Highest-Grossing mobile games 2022. In the past few years ago, Puzzle & Dragons was the world’s first game in earnings and its total earnings from (2012-2018) were over $7.0 Billion. The release date of this game is Feb 2012, 20.

After a year we receive another record-breaker game that breaks the record of Puzzle & Dragons is Mixi’s Monster Strike. The release date of this game is August 08, 2013, and this game earns a total Revenue of $7.3 Billion (2013-2018) which is not easy to achieve for other industries in 2018. In 2020 Mixi’s Monster Strike again beats Puzzles & Dragons at that time PUBG Mobile is new in the market and most gamers don’t know about PUBG Mobile.

Most Earneage games in 2021-2022:

These three games are the Most Earneage game that beat PUBG Mobile in earning Revenue almost every year.

The Honor of King/Arena of Valor:

The honor of King/Arena of Valor is on the top 1st Position in the entire world in Earning. The good thing about this game is that the Publisher of this game and PUBG Mobile’s Publisher is Tencent. The difference between these games is the category difference. The category of The Honor of King/Arena of Valor is MOBA(Multiplay Online Battle Arena). The release date of this game is November 25, 2015. In 2022 the total revenue earned by the audience is almost $14,667,600,000.

Monster Strick:

Monster Stricker is in Second place in generating Revenue. The total earnings of 2022 is $9,912,100,000. The Category of this game is Puzzle/RPG/Simulation. The Publisher designed this game in such a manner that you will get the taste of every category in this single mobile game. MIXI is the publisher of this game and his team is well-known because of its hard work and accuracy. The Release date of this game is 8 August 2013.

Puzzle and Dragons:

Puzzle and Dragons are on the 3rd number in making Revenue throughout the world. This is not easy to get the title of Top earner for a long time and still, they are in their Previous Position, all of this is possible only because of our user lovers and supporter. In 2022 they earn total $8,578,440,000. As you read the name, then you will understand what is the purpose and method to play this game.

PUBG Mobile:

PUBG Mobile is in 4th place in the highest Grossing Mobile game 2022. The Category of this game is RPG (Role Playing Game) and BT (Battle Royal) and the total Revenue they earn in 2022 is $8,424,500,000. The Release date of this game is March 19, 2018. Tencent Games / Krafton / VNG Games, are the Publisher of PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC.

Conclusion: In this article, I just trying to guide you and explain to you such games with their details that beats PUBG Mobile in every field. No matter if it is released to Revenue or fame. But these three games lost in the ratio of downloads whether it is Google Play Store or IOS. if you think these games have the same category or are Paid to start playing, then you are wrong these 4 games are totally different from each other but the similarity is between PUBG Mobile and The Honor of King/Arena of Valor are part of the same Publisher.