Tips to Pick the Best Online Slot Games to Play Next

Online Slot

The right online slot game can be your ultimate source of both fun and money alike. With thousands of online slots from top providers, itís easy to find yourself spending more time looking for the right slot than actually enjoying it. This is especially true if youíre new to the world of online gaming.

A sure-fire way to quickly find you the best slot game is having some go-to tips to guide you around. Weíve rounded up the most important things to consider while youíre picking the right slot for you.

The RTP Percentage of the Online Slot

If youíre picking your first slot, keep an eye on RTP. Although there are thousands of options to pick from, every slot offers different opportunities. As you play and win real money, Return to Player(RTP) is, perhaps, the most valuable piece of information you can check. Simply put, it shows the long-term percentage youíll get back as payouts from your bets.

Slots may offer different RTPs, but the higher the percentage is, the better payouts youíll get. Thus, itís better to target popular slots that have an RTP of between 96-98%. However high RTP doesnít necessarily mean youíre bound to win all the $960 from your $1000 bet(if the RTP is 96%), but it definitely brings you a step closer to higher profit.

The Volatility of Online Slot Games

In some of the best slot games the most valuable information, the players might need, is provided at the very beginning. Youíll most likely find the RTP percentage and Volatility of the slot among these details.

The volatility of the slot is the factor that shows the risk of losing your bet. Volatility can tell you how often and how much you can expect to win in the game. If the volatility is high you wonít land frequent wins, but the payouts will be higher.

Likewise, online casino slots with lower volatility feature regular small wins and fewer paylines to land a winning combo.

If you donít know which level of volatility to go for, you can review your slot bankroll. The higher the volatility, the better odds are provided, although youíll need to spin the extra mile to get to your wins. This is also good if youíre quite the risk-taker and want to hit big wins. However, keep in mind that with high volatility games the chances are high for both big cashouts and getting nothing at the end of the day.

In case you play for fun with just a small amount of money from your bankroll, a low volatility slot is the one. Youíll be able to pamper yourself with small but frequent wins.

Browse the online casino section of top betting platforms to find the most popular slots with the RTP percentage and volatility you prefer.

Special Features the Online Slot Games Offer

Top game providers jazz up the gameplay of popular slot games with special features and bonuses. The features can certainly upgrade your experience and maximize your wins, thus, checking what the slot is ready to offer is always a good idea.

Although the features may differ from slot to slotósome providers may even approach the traditional slot features differently, there are some common ones that most of the online slots share.

Among the common features to look for in online casino slots are:

  • The Wild and Scatter Symbols
  • Free Spin Rounds
  • Bonus Game
  • Multipliers
  • Retriggering

Among the features that are rare but lucrative features you may find are:

  • Expanding Wilds
  • Sticky Wilds
  • Cascading reels
  • Win both ways
  • Gamble features
  • Progressive Jackpots

This is still not the complete list of the bonus features to expect from the best slots, to find more check the info each slot provides you with before picking the right one.

Theme and Graphics of the Game 

Last but not least, to get the most out of your gaming experience pick the slot theme that beckons you the most. The world of online casino games is vibrant and fascinating. Thereís an almost spectacular variety of themed slots developed around popular TV shows, movie franchises, iconic music bands, and even cultures all around the globe. With top game providers putting effort and a lot of work into the games, itís easy to fall in love with the top-notch graphics.

Besides the fun and entertaining visuals, choosing the slot on your favorite theme is more engaging as you already know the symbols and the storyline.

However, if youíre more for simplicity and classic Vegas slot vibes thereís always a traditional fruit slot to satisfy your craving.

Although unlike skill games slots donít have a certain strategy to stick to, choosing the game thatís right for you will play a crucial role in hitting wins and enjoying the gameplay.