This Rainbow Riches game will take your Bingo experience to the next level

Rainbow Riches

The land-based halls may still be closed due to the coronavirus, but with the help of online Bingo with Paddy Power, we can still get our fix of the age-old pastime online! And, instead of playing the classic 90-ball game – which is most commonly found across the United Kingdom – you can delve into various versions of the game – including a range of themes, balls, and jackpots! Read on to find out more about one of our favourite Bingo rooms.

Rainbow Riches Bingo Room

Part of the age-old Rainbow Riches series, this Bingo game uses tickets made up of two four leaf clovers, with a number on each section of the clover leaf – strips consist of five tickets.

There are two prizes to be won in this game; 1 Clover and house. The prize pot is set at a minimum guaranteed amount before the game. However, this can vary depending on the number of tickets purchased per game – so the more tickets bought, the bigger the prize!

The 1 Clover prize is won as soon as a player has all four numbers on a single clover. The House prize is awarded when the player has had all the numbered sections of the clover leaves called, on a single ticket.

Multiple players can win, or share, a prize as well. This can happen if two or more players have tickets which meet the prize criteria on the same ball. A single player can also win a prize on multiple occasions as well! This can only occur if the player bought tickets from several strips.

And, that’s not all! Rainbow Riches Bingo also has a bonus feature. At the end of the game, a leprechaun will move along the rainbow, depending on the number of Rainbow Clovers that have drawn during the game. There is the possibility of two Rainbow Clovers that can be drawn in a game, so the leprechaun fellow can move forward up to two steps per game.

There are 50 steps on the rainbow, and when the cheeky leprechaun reaches the end, he’ll jump right back to the beginning. However, there set prizes along the way. The bronze prize is won when the leprechaun lands on the 10th step. The silver prize is awarded when he lands on the 25th step, whilst the gold prize is unlocked when the leprechaun lands on the 50th, and final, step.

If the leprechaun lands on a prize pot at the end of your game, or even just passes over a prize pot, and you have purchased at least one ticket, you will receive a slice of the prize pot. Although, how much is shared between the players is dependent on whether the leprechaun lands directly on the prize pot, or simply passes over it.

£50 will awarded if the leprechaun lands directly on the bronze pot, with £25 on offer if he just passes it. £150 will be shared if the feature star lands on the silver pot and £75 if skips over it, meanwhile £300 will be split if the leprechaun lands directly on the gold pot, or £150 if he only passes over it. The payout is shared depending on players’ stakes.

If that’s still not enough to peak your excitement, there is also the Wishing Well collection prize feature to look out for – which awards a prize when you collect a total of 40 coins. In each game where you have purchased a minimum of five tickets, you will trigger the Wishing Well along with the magic number, which you have previously selected. If your magic number is called at any point during the game, you will collect a gold coin.

Your coin total carries across each gaming session, and you can view your bankroll at any time in the Rainbow Riches lobby.

The wishing well prizes include’ £5 bonus funds; £2.50 Rainbow Riches Bingo Bonus and £2.50 Rainbow Riches Slots bonus.

Well, what are you waiting for? Follow that rainbow and get playing!