The Wonderful 101: Remastered is now Available

A generous trial version of “The Wonderful 101: Remastered” that can also use the hidden character Bayonetta is now available.

Platinum Games is a PS4 / Switch / PC (Steam) “The Wonderful 101: Remastered Tenkomori!” That you can play with hidden characters. “Experience enlistment version” has started distribution.

This work is a remastered work of the unite action game “The Wonderful 101” by director Hideki Kamiya, and was released for PS4 / Switch / Steam on June 11, 2020. The original version was published by Nintendo, but the remastered version also attracted attention as it became Platinum Games’ first in-house publishing title.

A romance-filled blockbuster that controls 100 heroes together and sometimes unites them to confront huge evils around the world. It is also known for its high degree of difficulty, and even though the splendid witch “Wanda Bayonetta” participates in the collaboration, it seems that it was rarely seen as a hidden character that is difficult to release. In the trial version, Bayonetta has been released as a playable character from the beginning of the game.

“The Wonderful 101: Remastered” is a remastered work of the unite action game “The Wonderful 101” by director Hideki Kamiya released in 2013, and it is 6 years in 2020, 7 years after the original version was released. Released for Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Steam on the 11th of March. It is a romance-filled blockbuster that controls 100 unique heroes together and confronts a mighty evil while traveling around the world.

As the name suggests, this trial version is a large volume with a lot of great deals! You can fully play for about 2 hours from the prologue to the clearing of Operation 001-C.

Also, from the super popular action game “Bayonetta” by Hideki Kamiya, the splendid witch “Wanda Bayonetta” will participate! In the product version, it was a hidden character that was difficult to release, and it was rarely seen, but in the trial version, it was released as a playable character from the beginning of the game! You can fully enjoy the creation and charm of Wanda Bayonetta.

In addition, the trial version also provides special in-game currency and various support items! Even beginners can join the hero army that protects the earth with full equipment.

Who is Wanda Bayonetta

A descendant of the Umbra witch clan that died 500 years ago. He masters the clan’s martial arts “Bullet Arts” that combines shooting and batting, and prefers a trigger-happy fighting style equipped with a 4-chome pistol “Scarborough Fair” on both hands and feet.

“Wicked Weave”, an expert in “magic” that uses the power of the demon world to summon a senior demon Madama Butterfly using his own hair as a catalyst, is said to make angels living in the heavens tremble, but this time. The other party is an angel
It seems that it is refraining from using it due to contractual problems.

There is a habit of rushing into trouble because he has no eyes on other people’s conflicts and quarrels. It seems that he came here because he was very excited about the crisis of the earth and wanted to go wild.

Weapon: “Scarborough Fair”

  • Unite morph is activated by drawing the “L” sign.
  • Four guns can be fired at the same time to attack a wide area.
  • Special ability is if you avoid the enemy’s attack at the last minute, “witch time” will be activated and slow down the surrounding enemies.
  • The avoidance button activates a special avoidance that summons Gomorra.

The trial version allows you to fully enjoy the charm of Wanda Bayonetta, as you can fully enjoy it for about 2 hours from the prologue to clearing Operation 001-C. In-game currency and support items will also be specially provided in the trial version.

There is another good news for those who have already played the product version, and the “Aikotoba” function has been added in update Ver. 1.0.3. In addition to Wanda Bayonetta, you can get number of items provided in the trial version. It is said that various benefits will be released in the future using the Wonderful Code (password).

Even if you have a hard time using Bayonetta, use the code to enjoy various benefits.

“Wonderful code” (password) Vol. 1 : Witch no gift -> Code UMBRANGIFT
“Wanda Bayonetta” Vol. 2 : Angel Slayer -> Code ANGELSLAYERS
“Wanda Jeanne” and “Wanda Rodin” Vol. 3-7 will be released at a later date