The Tech Behind Keeping Online Casino Games Fair and Trustworthy

Online casino games

Ever since the beginning of casinos, people wondered if the games are fair or if thereís a way the casino owners can influence the games so that they win more. And if in the times of land-based casinos this question wasnít that widespread, when online casinos took the world by storm the number of people wondering if they should trust the games skyrocketed.

If youíre one of them or youíre just curious how can online casinos prove their games are fair and honest, you should continue reading this article as it touches this very subject. Find out what are the mechanisms and technology behind keeping online casino games fair and let luck play its part without human intervention.

Independent Testing

Just like with anything else out there, in order to make sure youíre getting a fair service, you need to have a clear set of rules regarding this aspect. And with so many gambling authorities out there and local governments putting so much pressure on online casinos to deliver a fair experience, independent testing agencies looked like the best way to go.

Companies like eCogra, iTechLabs, Gaming Laboratories International have made a name for themselves in the field of testing online casinos and the games they offer to prove their honesty. eCogra was established all the way back in 2003 and has the United Kingdom Accreditation Service seal of approval to test casino games in a wide range of jurisdictions including Croatia, Estonia, Denmark, Italy, Malta, Spain, and of course, the United Kingdom.

All these companies review the Random Number Generator and Return to Player in various online casinos to check if everything is according to the laws in place and also boost the confidence of players in those given casinos. Even though no USA online casino can be verified by eCogra (look at casinoproper.com) to find legal US casinos) just yet since this country is out their jurisdiction, we are sure that plans are already set to extend their services to the US market as well. The Interactive Gaming Council is the best way to test online casino games in the US right now.

The testing is being done by taking each game in part and adding it in the test cycle that plays a minimum of 100 rounds. That way, eCogra can test the Return to Player for each game and generate the overall Return to Player of the casino. Also, if the Return to Player value turns out to be too low, itís a clear sign that the Random Number Generator is off.

General Casino Reputation

Besides independent testing and regulatory bodies, thereís another way to make sure youíre playing genuine games and you get a fair chance for your money. This is especially helpful for players that have a hard time believing the results of the independent testing agencies we mentioned above. And this last seal of approval we are mentioning canít be bought with money, which makes it one of the best an online casino can get.

An online casino with a good reputation over multiple years of activity is the factor you are looking for if you want to be 100% you are getting a fair chance of winning. Even if, letís assume for the sake of the argument, a huge casino with unlimited resources would manage to buy positive reviews and tests from eCogra and all other companies, keeping a spotless reputation online across several years of activity isnít something you can buy.

Brands that started in the offline era, with huge names that are still industry leaders nowadays are the best examples of how a great reputation can make players never double-guess the fairness of the games and just enjoy a high-quality gambling experience.