The most popular online games

online games

Online casinos have gained a steady following. Just as Las Vegas promises ample winning possibilities, with the hopes of making it big, so does the online casino that has just launched. The latter seems to be more popular with gamblers since it offers bonuses, tournaments and also some of the best cutting edge games that the online gambling market has to offer. As players spend their downtime seeking the latest and also the best online casino promotions out there, today we take a glimpse at what everyone is binging on, what everyone craves to win at: the most popular online casino games.

Online slot machines

One of the most popular online games that gamblers everywhere seem to enjoy is definitely the slot machine. Forget the days when the slot game is only available with a 3 reel set up and will only offer you cherries, bells and your traditional fruit slot game. The tables have turned, and so did the slot machine.  The new and revamped slot game that we all love to spin includes ample winning ways, bonus rounds, free spins, wild symbols, scatter symbols, jackpots and also sticky wilds. Game providers know very well that gamblers enjoy good graphics and an element of interaction, so most slot machines nowadays will offer you just that, as they compete in a cut throat market, clasing to take the ‘Slot of the Year’ award at gambing conferences and events.

The in-game bonus features are also good positive elements that make a gambler enjoy the online game more than the land based offering.  Landing 3 satter symbols at your favourite online slot game, offer you a set amount of free bonus spins that sometimes can be re-triggered. On the other hand, wild symbols will substitute for all other symbols throughout your game play, hence enriching your winning possibilities. Playing online slot machines could be quite the experience, and between us, this could be much more rewarding than playing at an actual casino lobby.

Online Poker

Online poker comes along in many shapes and forms. You could be enjoying a traditional game of Texas’ Hold’ Em, or you could be tempting your luck at Caribbean Stud, the good news is that at the top online casino sites, you will find either manned by online and live casino dealers or you could play at a normal non live table. Whilst normally your poker game is either at a land based casino or a Friday night between friends, online casinos offer you poker tables that can be enjoyed at the comfort of your own home, with the hopes of you landing that Royal Flush that you truly aim for.

The most important element to keep in mind when playing online poker games is that, whilst the non lice games you can try for free, the dealer games do not offer that facility and can only be enjoyed when you wager in real money and join a live table. If you are new to the poker scene, you can also kick start your online poker adventure with reading online tutorials. Also, live tables will offer various wagers, hence we suggest that you start with a small stake table, and go all the way in when you feel you have mastered the art of poker.

Online Blackjack

The perfect score of 21 has been celebrated in many Hollywood blockbuster movies, as Blackjack is deemed one of the most sought after games both online and land casinos. There is no big strategy for you to win at the Blackjack table, however an element of risk and daring is needed to make sure that you get the closest to the perfect score and beat the Blackjack dealer in the process. This is the reason that Blackjack is ranked high in the gaming community. Again, just like Poker, Blackjack can be enjoyed both via live dealer tables or at a non live setting.  The variants of the game are many, and you can enjoy variations such as Three Card Blackjack, High Stakes Blackjack, VIP Blackjack, Multihand Vegas Strip Blackjack, Premier Blackjack and Side Bets, Blackjack Silver and many more.

The scope of the game is to get the closest to 21, with the A card that can be used either as a 1 or as a 10. If you go over the score of 21, you will be deemed a bust and the dealer wins the game, and you walk home empty handed.

Online Bingo

You will not find many online casinos that allow you to play bingo online, however the best ones appreciate that the gambler loves a good old bingo game, and online bingo is swiftly creeping its way to the top-rated online casinos. The concept of bingo is quite simple, you use X amount of bingo cards to buy into a bingo room and start daubing away numbers as they are called. An online bingo room would have different patterns for you to be able to call a bingo, hence the best thing to do is get acquainted with what room you are buying into before the numbers are being called.

Different rooms would have different winning prizes, with the top 3 spots winning the most bingo credits at the end of the games, when all bingos have been called. Also, if you are playing at a reputable casino site, you will be able to participate in bingo tournaments and seasonal bingo rooms where players can play, daub, rank high and take home winning pots if you manage to rank highly.

When you register at a new online casino, you can enjoy some of the best games out there, starting off with the featured games, making your way to the popular section, and enjoying an element of newness at the new section. The above mentioned games are just a snippet of the online games that the top online casinos offer, with other games on offer such as: Scratch Cards, Baccarat, Roulette, Game Show games and many more.  What you deem as your go to game, might be different than my game, this is why game providers do their best to grant you new games day in day out. The good news is; online gaming is evolving, and the most popular games are increasing. Stay tuned and visit the most popular online casinos to enjoy the best of online gaming.