The influence of online games on the human psyche

online games

Undoubtedly, gambling has become popular today. They are played by millions of people from absolutely different parts of the world. Gambling is like drunkenness.

They can affect the psyche, emotions, and physiological indicators of a person. Therefore, multiple studies were carried out by specialists from all over the world, where both the positive and negative aspects of the hobby for the www topnongamstop.co.uk were reflected.

Gambling Mechanism

What is a game? It is a kind of stress that tones a person. The body is going through a kind of shake-up, as a result of which a certain set of hormones begins to be actively produced. It is they who affect the state of the player. The studies did not take into account people who had already developed an addiction. In their case, the mechanism is somewhat different. The body, on the contrary, ceases to produce the usual set of hormones in everyday life, which leads to a thirst for new “thrills”.

Impact on the psyche and emotions

It is believed that gambling in any form if it is dosed to the player, can serve as a good anti-stress. It is during the game that an independent person experiences psychological relief. That is, by experiencing stress during the game, a person can relax psychologically and cope with the accumulated negative. However, this only applies when there is no addiction and impulses are controlled. If we consider the aspects that are influenced by the game, then what happens:

  • noticeable improvement in mood;
  • getting rid of the feeling of fatigue;
  • increased stress resistance;
  • a sense of satisfaction regardless of the outcome.

In the process of enjoying the game, the player develops a state akin to light alcoholic intoxication. These emotions are usually triggered by vigorous sports training, sex, and violent quarrels. But unlike the above, a person does not require either an opponent or doping. And in the process of playing, one manages to become more calm, balanced, which has a positive effect on life in everyday life.

Effects on brain function

In addition to the psycho-emotional side, passion also affects the mental activity of a person. This is expressed in the following aspects:

  • improving concentration and attention;
  • improved memory;
  • gaining the skill of logical chain building;
  • improving the skill to analyze data and calculate probabilities;
  • increasing endurance and working capacity;
  • improvement of mental and physical activity;
  • manifestation of resistance to stress.

In other words, the gray matter in the brain is actively involved in work. https://www.topnongamstop.co.uk/non-uk-casino/ gambling is a kind of brain trainer that helps to develop useful skills that can later be applied in everyday life. It is believed that people without addiction to gambling are non-conflict in life, differ in non-standard thinking, and can demonstrate unexpected approaches to problem-solving.

It is also worth noting that, according to statistics, people who often experienced fortune were less likely to suffer from diseases associated with impaired brain function in old age, including marasmus, Alzheimer’s, and sclerosis. Playing slot machines and sweepstakes can have a positive effect on the central nervous system.

Due to active arousal, a number of stress and joy hormones are produced. This kind of cocktail enters the bloodstream, provoking a feeling of positiveness and slight excitement. The feeling of excitement can train the nervous system, simultaneously activating the blood flow to the brain.

Other positive aspects of gambling

Training memory, attention, and perseverance

It cannot be argued that one of the main advantages is the ability to improve the level of your logical thinking and ability to concentrate, good memory training, and decision-making ability. During the game, there is a sudden release of hormones, which perfectly stimulates the activity of the brain. This option is great for students and seniors with distraction, as well as for people whose activities require increased concentration.

Treatment of other addictions

This practice should only be carried out under the supervision of a treating specialist. Its meaning is to switch a person’s attention from alcohol or drugs to the game, while not allowing serious abuse. It is understood that, despite the harm that gambling addiction can bring, the harm of drug addiction and alcoholism is much more detrimental to the life and health of the patient.

How does the addiction manifest itself?

There are also unbalanced people. Compared to drug addicts, they essentially experience the same symptoms:

  • strong emotions and mood swings;
  • decrease in the received pleasure from other activities and things (including entertainment, communication, sex);
  • sleep disorders;
  • suicidal thoughts;
  • excitement is perceived as the only method of solving all problems;
  • the feeling of anxiety, oppression;
  • the feeling of emotional uplift when winning and complete despair when losing.

In the latter case, a person wants to recoup or win even more by making even larger bets. As a result, sooner or later the moment comes when the player is faced with a lack of funds not only for bets but even for vital things, including payment for housing, food, or medicine.

Summing up, we can conclude that in some cases gambling can not only harm, but also be beneficial if the player approaches the matter with a sufficient level of control and self-awareness, and does not allow himself or herself to get too carried away and go too far. Only in this case, any business started can bring benefits.