The Best New Online Games for a Weekend Gaming Session


The past year has seen some incredible games come out on consoles, computers, and smartphones. Gamers are spoiled for choice, as there are countless outstanding older and newer titles they can buy and enjoy.

Whether you prefer to play single-player games with long stories, multiplayer games with a lot of action, or top rated slots games, you will likely find a new game that strikes your fancy.

Gaming studios and developers are putting a lot of money and effort into creating new and unique experiences for players. Between improved graphics and frame rates, more advanced in-game models, and the advent of AI, gaming is coming close to its pinnacle.

Below are the top five new online games that you can enjoy alone or with friends during a weekend session.


1. Weird West

Weird West is a mystery title that you can enjoy on computers and consoles. Opening to rave reviews from both critics and audiences, it is one of the top-rated games of 2022. 

Gamers will discover a dark world when they first start playing Weird West, where gunslingers and lawmen are inhabiting the same world as unusual creatures and fantastical beings. 

There are several storylines that you can get through in this game, each featuring high stakes adventures where you must make the correct decisions to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Anyone who loves mystery games, supernatural entities, and wants beautiful visuals when they are playing will have a great experience with Weird West.

2. Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a brand-new action and adventure game that is available on Windows and PlayStation 5. The storyline features a futuristic Tokyo that is overrun by supernatural forces that are causing deadly chaos wherever they go.

Your objective is to ally with a spectral entity to help get vengeance over these supernatural beings. With the fate of your city and the rest of the world at stake, you must get through various levels and enemies unscathed.

The supernatural presences and futuristic Tokyo combine to create an outstanding vibe for this game. Players can enjoy ultra-modern cityscapes, various beautiful locations, and iconic landmarks such as the Tokyo Tower and Shibuya Crossing.

Thanks to next-gen technology on the PS5, Ghostwire: Tokyo is one of the most visually appealing gaming experiences of 2022.


3. Rainbow 6: Extraction

Rainbow 6: Extraction includes the same characters that people have come to love from the Rainbow 6: Siege game, but with a lot of updates. Not only are the graphics much improved, but there are new maps, game modes, weapons, and other goodies for avid gamers to enjoy.

The primary storyline involves a zombie attack on the fictional world, which you must help to resolve with the help of your compatriots. It features a significant single-player storyline, but there is also a lot of fun to be had within the multiplayer modes.

Fans were initially skeptical of Extraction, as they were worried the game would be little more than an expansion pack. Ubisoft has, however, done an outstanding job with this title. Not only are the graphics and player movements within the game on a whole new level from previous versions, but the missions, locations, and weapons that players can enjoy make for a thrilling spectacle.

4. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves

The Uncharted series is another historic franchise, considering it includes games and is now a motion picture. Exclusive to the PlayStation line of consoles, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves is the latest installment for you to enjoy.

Legacy of Thieves looks incredible on the PS5, with details and character movements that we have never seen before. The controls are also very intuitive and complex, which allows for more entertaining and unique battles each time you come up against a big bad.

This version of Uncharted allows for its main character Nathan Drake to experience significant growth. He casts aside his previous petulance and immaturity and steps up to the challenges he experiences throughout the story.


5. Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Pokémon is one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time. Even though it has such a rich history, developers are never afraid to take risks with new iterations of the series. 

Legends: Arceus, goes in another direction, showcasing the primary character as a Pokémon trainer who must survive in the wild and train the next warriors within the world. Think of this game as Pokémon meets Bear Grylls, which is a genre that will appeal to a lot of gamers.