The Best Male Poker Players To Watch in 2022

Male Poker Players

Poker continues to be one of the most popular games around. Millions around the world watch stunning events with huge rewards. It’s interesting to see the top contenders outsmart each other in the race for winning millions. If you’re someone who loves watching poker, we’ve highlighted players who potentially have a big year ahead of them. Let’s take a look at the top players and why they’ve made the list.

Ali Imsirovic

Ali was a prospective basketball player with a promising future. Unfortunately, a serious ankle injury left him unable to play basketball. Luckily, that’s the time when his love for online casinos and poker surfaced. Even though his gambling adventures started at instant play casinos, he quickly focused on making money by playing poker. Shortly after specializing in poker, he won his first tournament. He soon received the Purple Jacket reward and started winning big tournaments such as Super High Roller Bowl and PokerGO Cup. All these successes show that Ali is a big name in the poker game, and he’ll most likely have a very promising 2022.

David Peters

David is a proud owner of three WSOP bracelets, clearly showing he’s one of the top poker players. He started his career playing poker in online casinos. Once he became confident that he could play live games, he switched over and immediately started winning big. He is famous for his high-roller circuits, where every mistake greatly costs the participants. Being a brilliant player, his year will likely be as astonishing as the ones before.

Sean Perry

Sean Perry is another young hope. As a young player, he gained a lot of experience in the past couple of years. It was evident that he has levelled up because of his amazing streak in 2021. In just one year, Sean managed to rank well in multiple tournaments. It’s now time to see whether that year was just luck and whether he can repeat his successes in 2022. Being that poker is a game of skill, he’ll probably have a successful year.

Brock Wilson

Brock is another young player who’s got a lot in store for 2022. The pandemic made him take a quick break from playing. Before it hit, he was a promising player with a huge potential of becoming a great competitor. If we’re to judge from 2021, he hasn’t lost his touch. Brock is looking to have a great 2022 and we’ll see how he’ll perform in important tournaments around the globe.

Jack Hardcastle

Hardcastle is a young player who has shown consistency throughout the years. Judging from his performance in the past, one thing is evident, there’s a lot in store for this player. Becoming a WPT Opener is not an easy feat. Plus his high rankings in Millions UK Main Event, WPT Venetian Main Event are quite impressive. Plus he won the WPT Montreal Main Event. All these wins go in his favour, as he’ll likely continue performing exceptionally throughout this year. Jack is a truly international player who’s present in various tournaments globally.

Brandon Sheils

Brandon is yet to build his career in the poker world, but so far, he’s had plenty of successes in 2021. His 11 cashes at WSOP are what made him stand out from the others. Another interesting fact is that he runs a vlog, which provides a lot of insight into his poker adventures. There are also plenty of instructional videos, showing how much he knows about the game. If he has an equally good year as he did in 2021, it’s going to be a smashing success. By the look of it, he’ll probably have a much better one.

Daniel Negreanu

When talking about poker, one can’t go without mentioning Daniel Negeanu. Also known as the Kid Poker, Daniel is one of the best poker players in the world. Named the Player of the Decade, entering the Poker Hall of Fame and becoming WSOP Player of the Year are accolades that show his greatness. Every new year is a promising one for Daniel, and 2022 is no different. If it’s as successful as the previous one, he’ll keep all eyes on him.


There’s a lot going on in the world of poker at the moment. With the growing popularity of online casinos, more people are choosing to play poker. They can even do so with popular cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it’s no wonder that there are so many up-and-coming players who you should watch in 2022. Following the abovementioned ones will help you become a better player and have fun along the way.

Author bio: Judy is an aspiring author that loves the online gambling world. She’s on top of all the latest news in the industry and loves playing casino games. When seeking relaxation, she meets up with her friends and has fun playing tabletop games.