Stadia Refund: How to get it expeditiously

Stadia is going the route of the dodo, but Google is showing Stadia users refunds for hardware and games. Unfortunately, stadia is shutting down in January.

Here’s how to receive a refund for your fun and hardware.

Google Stadia is shuffling off this deadly coil on January 18th, but thankfully, Google is showing refunds for anyone that bought Stadia hardware or games from the Stadia store. In addition, Google has made an official statement with attributes regarding the Stadia platform and when users can anticipate refunds, but here’s a synopsis of what we know so far.

Stadia will stay operational until January 18th, and you’ll continue to have admission to your games until then, allowing you to transfer progress and tie up other open ends. Unfortunately, however, Google has vandalized the Stadia storefront, so you won’t be able to create any additional purchases.

If you bought any of the subsequent hardware through the Google Store or made any game buys or in-game transactions in the Stadia Store, you can anticipate a full refund.

While Google hasn’t delivered an exact timeline of when you can expect a refund, it expects to have managed the bulk of refunds by mid-January 2023.

Presently, the only exception to these refund policies is earnings made toward a Stadia Pro subscription. Any current subscribers will continue to access their games without any additional charge.

According to Google’s authorized FAQ regarding the information of Stadia’s shutdown, most users will have their exact payment method refunded for the amount of their buy. You don’t have to replace your hardware with Google to be eligible, but you’ll be contacted via the email associated with your Stadia account if additional steps are required.

The process may differ slightly based on where you live and your original payment method, but Google will have further details available in the coming months. Right now, we’d suggest checking your inbox and ensuring that Stadia emails aren’t blocklisted so you don’t miss out on any essential updates.

These policies apply to any hardware purchased directly through the Google online storefront. Still, it would help if you didn’t attempt to return the hardware to any physical sites like a Google Store or Best Buy, as they’ll be incompetent to process returns or refunds. It’s presently unclear if hardware purchased through Best Buy will be eligible for a refund.