Sony has confirmed the release of their official Q handheld, featuring an 8-inch screen and the ability to stream PS5 games

Project Q device for playing games on PS5

Sony has confirmed the development of “Project Q,” a portable device aimed at enhancing the accessibility of playing PS5 games. The announcement took place during the PlayStation Showcase, where Jim Ryan, the head of PlayStation, revealed that the device would be a dedicated handheld capable of streaming any game from the PS5 console using Remote Play over Wi-Fi. Internally referred to as “Project Q,” the device features an 8-inch HD screen and includes all the buttons and features found on the DualSense wireless controller.

According to a Sony press release, the Q handheld will have an LCD screen that can run games at up to 1080p and 60fps over Wi-Fi. It will also incorporate the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback technology of the DualSense controller. While Sony has announced a launch later this year, specific details regarding the release date and pricing have not been disclosed.

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The fine print in Sony’s presentation clarifies that games played on the Q handheld must be installed on a PlayStation 5 console, indicating that the device is designed as a companion for the PS5 rather than a standalone gaming system like the Steam Deck or smartphones. However, considering Sony’s involvement in cloud gaming services, there is a possibility that the Q handheld may support cloud gaming in the future.

Sony’s announcement did not specify whether the Q handheld will support game streaming outside of the user’s home. Currently, Sony’s Remote Play supports connections over cellular networks, although it may require tethering to a phone or hotspot since the company has only mentioned Wi-Fi connectivity.

Earlier rumors about Sony’s handheld, mentioned in a report by Insider Gaming, provided accurate information about the device, including its reliance on Remote Play, the 8-inch LCD screen, similarities to the DualSense controller, and the maximum resolution and frame rate. The report also mentioned that the handheld had the codename “Q Lite,” which aligns closely with the official Project Q name.

Project Q appears to be Sony’s response to the growing popularity of handheld gaming devices, following the success of the Nintendo Switch. With competitors such as Valve’s Steam Deck and Asus’ ROG Ally entering the market, offering newer hardware for playing modern games, Sony’s Project Q presents its own unique feature of streaming games exclusively over Wi-Fi. If players are interested in an official Sony-made handheld for playing the latest PlayStation games, they may want to set aside funds for Project Q.

For those who want to experience game streaming from their PS5 without waiting for Sony’s handheld, Remote Play is already available on various devices, including iPhones, Android phones, Windows PCs, Macs, and even the Steam Deck through a Linux app called Chiaki.