Some of the top NFT games!

NFT games

NFT games are considered a revolutionary concept for the gaming industry. With the increasing popularity of NFT games, people are getting more curious to learn about this industry. NFT, a kind of digital token known as a collective token. NFT games lead to the development of a brand new and unique division of the gaming industry at NFT Investor platform. Some of the popular NFT games are mentioned below.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a kind of play to earn a game in which a gamer can earn in the form of digital or non-fungible tokens. This game is based on a concept called trade and battle. On the gameplay, you can compare Axie Infinity with a game is known with the name of Pokémon go. Both these games are mostly similar in terms of gameplay. Axie Infinity is the only non-fungible token game which had attained mass popularity across the globe.

The in-game character in Axie Infinity is often known as Axis, which is also a form of non-fungible tokens. Mainly, the non-fungible token takes part in Axie Infinity in two forms; the token or currency of the game, which a gamer can earn by playing, and the second form, the in-game character, which is further called Axis. This game includes collection, breeding, raising and battling the Axis with other users playing the game. Axie Infinity has developed on the ethereum blockchain, and all the Axis are ethereum minted non-fungible tokens.

A wide variety of choices is available regarding the selection of Axis, and one can choose it according to his requirements. A smooth love potion is a result of winning the battle. It refers to the reward for winning the game and can be traded in exchange for an AXS token.


Decentraland is a type of real-time virtual game based on NFTs. By playing this game, an individual can create a 3D world he owns. In this game, the player has to buy land to construct a type of 3D world. Then, he can build whatever he wants on the purchased piece of land. Decentraland also developed on the ethereum blockchain in 2017. This game was mainly developed by two developers, Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano.

This 3D game allows you to create or customize the world according to your will. This game is the result of the mishmash of two concepts: blockchain technology and virtual reality. In this game, players trade their land lands with other online players. The currency with the use of which you can buy or sell any service in the game is MANA; it is a kind of cryptocurrency, and the land for which these MANAs are used is a non-fungible token of the game. It shows that you own that particular piece of land. Today, more than 1.5 billion MANAs are in circulation around the world.

The most frequent asked question regarding the game is; who will take care of the world when one player is offline. So, he has to pay some fixed MANAs to other players to take care of their land or 3D world when they are offline. So, for beginning your journey in this game, a user has to get an ethereum wallet, with the help of which he will be able to store MANAs.

Alien worlds

Alien World is also a play-to-earn game based on futuristic or advanced technology. This game follows the concept; of play mine and upgrades, which will give you an intensive experience of playing the game. In this game, aliens play the role of non-fungible tokens, which the player can catch, and he will use the alien to mine plenty of different items in the game. According to the concept of Alien Worlds, the high level of upgradation will lead to developing a high number of chances for winning in the game. The name knows the cryptocurrency or token used in the game for playing TLM; it stands for Trillium. This crypto token can get easily traded in the game for buying and selling NFTs. If you begin your Alien World journey, you must get land and mining tools for mining TLM, which will get deposited in your account. The market value of single Trillium is approximately 0.14 US dollars.