Should I Be Using Voice Chat When Gaming?

Voice Chat When Gaming

The gaming landscape of 2019 is vastly different to what we even had to contend with a mere decade ago. The launches forward in technology mean that every year brings with it a new level of technological sophistication that we could only imagine ten years ago and couldnít imagine being without today. One such advancement is the ability to use voice chat when it comes to gaming. But what is the best voice chat use and why should you even use it to begin with?

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What Voice Chat Can I Use?

When it comes to voice chat software, there are many possibilities for gamers to choose from, each with benefits and limitations. Discord is probably the most popular app for voice chat while gaming. During just 12 months, the app grew its users from 45 to 130 million, which suggests that not only is the app popular, but it continues to offer features necessary to gamers. The appís mission is to allow gamers to build relationships while gaming through the video chat and text chat options.

Mumble, an open-source voice chat software program, also offers a high-quality voice chat service for gamers. One of the major benefits of Mumble is the encryption that goes into its services and offers gamers a protected and safe environment to build their gaming relationships. This could be important for those who are embarking on eSports which may have financial incentives and whose game plan needs to be secure.

For machines that arenít as equipped for gaming, Ventrilo offers an experience with their voice chat that promises not to get in the way with how the machine functions, while still providing an optimal service. To find the right voice chat, trial and error may work best to ensure you are choosing the voice chat service that works best for your needs.

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How Can Voice Chat Improve My Gaming Experience?

One of the main functionalities of voice chat is how it works in tandem MMORPGs or battle royale games, whereby your success in the game hinges on the ability to collaborate with your teammates. The difference between victory or failure could come down to an offensive planned via the voice chat to outwit your opponents. So the correct software is necessary in order to facilitate the strategic element of the game that is aided by the voice chat.

Voice chat also facilitates the social elements of playing games online. Multiplayer games are designed to increase the social aspect, which in turn, gets fans and gamers talking in real life and across social media to promote the game and increase the audience for playing it. Voice chat facilities also work well when broadcasting gameplay on Twitch and other streaming sites, allowing players to enjoy all aspects of a userís play. Voice chat helps bring the communicative aspect to gaming, which has been rising in recent years to combat ideas that gaming is a solitary hobby. In fact, thanks to software like voice chat, gaming is probably one of the most interactive and social hobbies out there.   

Voice chat is a simple concept, but one that has changed the face of gaming. There are a multitude of different variations of the software and ultimately it boils down to the reason for the voice chat, the gaming computer, and the gamer themselves.    

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