Sega reveals game coming to Genesis Mini 2 with Night Trap

Sega has released the complete list of Sega Genesis and Sega CD games arriving at the Sega Genesis Mini 2. Perhaps one of the more notable titles is the controversial Night Trap.

Night Trap is a full-motion video game initially released in 1992 with the hallmarks of a B-movie horror film. At the time, it was deemed violent enough it was cited in a Senate hearing about violent games that ultimately led to the innovation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

It was also dragged from the sale from Toys R Us. However, the game got a 25th-anniversary edition in 2017, and on the Sega Genesis Mini 2, you’ll be able to recreate a port of the original Sega CD release.

If you’re a big Sega superfan or have enjoyed an excellent reason to play some of the company’s retro games you might have forgotten, there’s a wealth of other titles to review. Sonic stans might be happy to notice Sonic CD and Sonic 3D Blast on the list, and fighting game enthusiasts can look forward to contests like ClayFighter and Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. The Genesis Mini 2 will also contain unreleased games, like Devi & Pii and Star Mobile. You can see the complete list in this video from Sega.

The Sega Genesis Mini 2 will be released on October 27, and it’s available for preorder on Amazon for $99.99. Unfortunately, that’s a bit lower than the initial $103.80 price that was first detailed in July, and it seems that if you’ve already made a preorder, you’ll have to cancel and order similar to acquire the lower price.

If you’re curious about getting one, you might want to put in a preorder sooner rather than afterward Sega says the Genesis Mini 2 will be in quicker supply in North America than the original Genesis Mini.

The Sega Genesis Mini, the Mega Drive Mini in regions beyond North America, is a dedicated console sported on Sega’s Genesis. The Mini simulates the original console’s 16-bit hardware and includes 42 games ported by M2. It was unleashed in Japan and North America in September 2019 and Europe and the Middle East the following month.

A follow-up, Sega Genesis Mini 2, is set to be released in Europe, North America, and Japan in October 2022 and will contain over 50 contests from both the Genesis and Sega CD.

The Sega Genesis Mini 2 will show 50 games released for the Genesis and the Sega CD add-on peripheral. In addition, like the original Mini, the Mini 2 will feature additional bonus titles previously never released for Genesis, such as a newly made port of Fantasy Zone.

ClayFighter is a fighting/beat-them-up series of video games. The series is mentioned for having character sprites rendered from clay-animated figures and humorous parodies of other fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.

The Sega CD was unleashed as the Mega-CD in most territories outside North America. Brazil is a CD-ROM accompaniment for the Sega Genesis created by Sega as part of the fourth generation of video game consoles. It was pitched in December 1991 in Japan, October 1992 in North America, and April 1993 in Europe. The Sega CD plays CD games and counts hardware functionality like a faster CPU and graphic enhancements such as sprite scaling and rotation. In addition, it can play audio CDs and CD+G discs.

Sega sought to check the capabilities of the competing PC Engine CD-ROM System and added a CPU and custom graphics chip. They partnered with JVC to create the Sega CD. Fearful of leaks, Sega declined to consult with Sega of America until the project was concluded; Sega of America built parts from dummy units to acquire a functioning unit. The Sega CD was recreated many times by Sega and certified third-party creators.

The main advantage of CD technology at the time was excellent storage; CDs offered more than 320 times more space than Genesis cartridges. This benefit manifested in the full-motion video (FMV) games like the controversial Night Trap, which evolved into a focus of the 1993 congressional hearings on video game violence and ratings.

The Sega CD game library significantly acclaimed games like Lunar: Eternal Blue, Sonic CD, Lunar: The Silver Star, Popful Mail, and Snatcher, but also numerous Genesis ports and poorly acquired FMV games. The high cost of the Sega CD was also a contributing element to its lack of success.

Only 2.24 million Sega CD units were sold, after which Sega paused it to focus on the Sega Saturn. Retrospective reception has been integrated, with praise for some games and functions but complaints about its absence of deep games, high price, and lack of support from Sega. Sega’s poor support for the Sega CD has been criticized as the origin of the devaluation of its brand.