PUBG Mobile 0.8 Update Coming Soon: What to Expect?

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PUBG Mobile was discharged only 5 months back and turned into a developing sensation with more than 75 Million downloads including Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play store. It’s the ideal opportunity for PUBG Mobile 0.8 Update See what’s new.

This battle royal game is adhering players to their portable screen for an hour’s bringing one Chicken supper after another.

The game designers are likewise striving to give new highlights as an update each month, while the finished beta is off for the PUBG Mobile 0.8 Update we can anticipate that the update will hit the Play store or the App Store not long from now or right on time one month from now.

Presently we can see it’s the ideal opportunity for a PUBG Mobile 0.8 Update. Since the update isn’t out yet you can look at beneath about what’s coming up next in your most loved battle royal game.

Whats new coming?


Sanhok: Above all else, on the new PUBG Mobile 0.8 Update, we have the new Sanhok Map (Codename Savage) which is littler than the other two, Erangle and Miramar sizes 44 Km.

The Map is based out of South East Asia and has beachfront areas like wilderness, mountains and relinquished resorts.

Being little the gameplay on this guide is speedier the protected zone likewise changes quickly and the blue zone comes gradually which makes the player simple to locate each other.


QBZ: Also, we have the new QBZ Assualt Rifle. The weapon is exceptional and replaces the old firearm Scar-L and found on the guide Sanhok as it were.

The QBZ has a quick shoot rate than Scar-L, The backlash, outline, and sound is much like the airdrop firearm AUG.

flare gun

Flare gun: In the up and coming PUBG Mobile 0.8 Update, we can see the flare firearm is a Red/Pink shading gun like the weapon which definitely fits in the gun opening and used to call unique airdrop supplies.

It very well may be discovered haphazardly on the guide alongside 1 flare, you need to shoot the flare straightforwardly above you or the drop will arrive 150-300m a long way from your area.

The flare drop conveys twofold things than the ordinary drop and conveys another thing in each drop, no copy thing can be found.

The flare likewise makes a sound which is discernable in the whole guide and can without much of a stretch caution everybody of what you are doing.

armored uaz

New car: The update incorporates another muscle auto-named Mirado which can be found on the Miramar Map just and has seats for 4 individuals.

There are two renditions of it initial one has an open rooftop and another with the shut rooftop simply like we have two variant of UAZ.

The Mirado can go up to the best speed of 155Km/Hr and goes 0-100kmph of every 8.6s.

The Armed or Bulletproof UAZ is much the same as the standard UAZ yet with Armors on a couple of sides which exceedingly lessens the harm taken by the auto.

Individuals can in any case shoot on a few sides of the Armed UAZ like the motor which causes standard harm and you can’t shoot while riding the UAZ.

The auto can be discovered just from the flare drop by shooting the Flare firearm.

FPP driving is another new element in the Pubg version 0.8 updates which demonstrate the vehicle you are driving in a first-individual view.

You can see the controlling haggle internals while driving the auto and the handle and speedometer while riding the bicycle.

You can at present change from FPP to TPP driving just by squeezing a catch.


Few more: At last, in this PUBG Mobile 0.8 Update, we have the M24 Bolt-activity Sniper Rifle which is currently expelled from the Airdrop and can be discovered haphazardly anyplace on the guide.

There is additionally a minor UI change which let you change the crosshair style between Plus sign (+), Up Arrow (^), A spot (.) And an inadequate Plus Sign, you can likewise alter the shade of the crosshair.

Beside all of those updates, what new you want in the next update. Let us know in the comment section.