PS5 : The Best Accessories for the Gaming Experience

PS5 Accessories …. looking for the best one, see where you can get one. Be one of the lucky people who managed to get hold of a PlayStation 5, and you are certainly curious to find out how you can increase your gaming fun.

Regardless of whether you want to stream your gaming experiences live, watch films and series more comfortably or charge your controller stress-free, the best accessories for the PS5 make it possible.

Accessories for the PS5 : Pay Attention to while Buying

When it comes to accessories for your new Playstation 5, you should make sure to choose products from Sony, because then you can be sure that they are optimized for the PS5. For example, the functionality of some alternatives from other manufacturers can be limited or, in the worst case, they are not at all compatible with the new Playstation. That’s why you can’t get past Sony products at all (or only with major restrictions) when it comes to controllers, remote controls and cameras.

The Best Accessories for the PlayStation 5

So that you can take your gaming experience with the PS5 to the next level, we have been looking for practical accessories for you. Including controller, remote control, camera and more …

The Best Controller for the PS5

Sony DualSense Wireless Controller for Playstation 5 : The DualSense wireless controller from Sony is the measure of all things in the console sector. The haptic feedback of the controller enables finely graduated vibrations so that you get an immediate impression of the game world. Whether the character stands in the rain, runs through mud or slides on ice, you are guaranteed to notice the difference in your hands. You won’t find this kind of gaming experience in competition from Nintendo or Microsoft.

There is currently no alternative to the DualSense controller that offers the same range of functions. With all other controllers for the PS5, you have to do without haptic feedback. If you intend to play PS4 games on the PS5, you can easily use the DualShock 4 controller. If you want to play the VR games of the PS4 on the PS5, this controller is even mandatory for some games.

The Best Remote Control for the New Playstation

Sony media remote control for PlayStation 5 : The PS5 is not only suitable for gaming but is also perfectly suited as a video player for DVDs, Blue-Rays and streaming services. You can easily control your favourite films and series on the PS5 using the controller, but of course, it’s even more convenient with remote control. It lies very well in hand, and all buttons are easily accessible. With the control pad, you can comfortably navigate through menus and the common streaming services YouTube, Spotify, Disney + and Netflix can be reached without detours via the speed dial button.

The Best PS5 Camera

Sony HD camera for PlayStation : If you are out in multiplayer games or want to present yourself to the world on Youtube or Twitch, you need a separate HD camera. As with the remote control, you are currently limited to the Sony product. The Sony HD camera can be placed above or below the screen and fulfils all the purposes you would expect from a webcam. You can use it to present your gameplay live and edit recorded game scenes via the app. There is currently no alternative for streamers on the PS.

The Best Headset for the Playstation 5

Sony PULSE 3D wireless headset for PlayStation 5 : With no other accessory category do you have to pay as much attention to the names as you do with the headsets? The impressive 3D sound of the PS5 is currently only supported by a few headsets. Here, too, you are on the safe side if you choose the Sony product. The Sony PULSE 3D wireless headset offers you an excellent sound, even over long distances. You can do it toom also connect to your smartphone or PC. Currently, however, it is sold out almost everywhere, which is why we recommend a slightly more expensive, but even better alternative: The SteelSeries Arctis 7P offers an even better sound, a slightly longer battery life, more comfort and the buttons are all easily accessible.

The Best Charging Station for PS5 Controllers

Sony DualSense charging station for PlayStation 5 : Of course, the Dualsense controller will run out of juice at some point. You can then connect it to the PS5 by cable, but this can lead to a lot of cable clutter on your desk. A much better choice here is the Sony charging station. You don’t need a USB connection for this charging station, just a normal power supply, so you don’t have to place it directly next to your console. You can also charge two controllers in parallel.