PlayStation Plus is a must for every PS4 gamer

PS4 gamer

Gaming on your PlayStation 4 can be an expensive hobby. New games cost a decent amount of money, however, there is a way out. In case you didn’t know, PlayStation has its own monthly membership called PlayStation Plus. Essentially it is a paid service which gives you plenty of value, including PlayStation store discounts, free monthly games, and more.

However, there’s also a downside. PlayStation consoles have some regional restrictions which means that if you live in a country which does not have its own region you won’t be able to purchase your PlayStation Plus membership from Sony. The best alternative is to buy a PlayStation Plus card from a third party store such as Eneba.

The science here is very simple. You, as a proud owner of PlayStation 4 console, have to create your PlayStation Network account on one of the many recognized regions. We recommend you to select a region which is in close proximity to your location or a region where you have no language barrier. Second, you’ll need to find a PlayStation Plus card for your selected region for purchase.

It’s worth mentioning that not many physical stores offer a huge or even any selection of regions for players to choose from. Thankfully, it’s not the case with online stores. On Eneba you can find many offers of PlayStation Plus cards, suitable for the US and various European regions. Furthermore, Eneba has a variety of offers suitable for both conservative players (90 days) and for those who are willing to commit in order to save a pretty penny (365 days).

However, some may argue that PlayStation Plus service is not worth the subscription but we beg to differ. 2 free games every month is just one of the perks. For example, if you are a member of PlayStation Plus you can play What Remains of Edith Finch and Overcooked! during May. So if you purchase a PlayStation Plus card for 3 months (which is around 20 euros on Eneba), you’ll get access to 6 free games over the course of 90 days.

Furthermore, there are absolutely no restrictions for service subscribers – you can play all multiplayer games and face off against players from all over the world, you get massive discounts on the best games in the world. Additionally, for a single price of one PlayStation Plus card, you’ll get multiple chances to participate in the upcoming beta tests for the newest and best titles.

Image Credits: PS4 gamer from REDPIXEL.PL /Shutterstock