PlayStation 5 : One of the bugs has been fixed!

PlayStation 5 hit the market with a few bugs capable of getting players on track like any first-generation product. Especially a problem that caused the sudden restoration of the database, which in some more specific cases, could even kill the console’s data management system, turning the new PS5 into a beautiful and heavy white brick.

Less serious than this. We also had an annoying bug, capable of rendering the console’s download system useless. That is, the games were stuck in the download queue, with the only solution being the total system restoration.

However, it appears that this bug has already been caught and crushed by Sony.

PlayStation 5 got one of the bugs has been fixed!

So it seems that the recent Sony PlayStation update fixes the less serious bug mentioned above. That is, if you happen to think that your console was already completely out of danger, it seems that you still need to be careful, especially if you have Spider-Man Remastered installed on your PS5.

However, the problem related to downloads does seem to have its days numbered. Still, if you happen to have the problem, when you upgrade, you will have to enter Safe Mode on the console to rebuild the PS5 Database. Then, in principle, you will not encounter any more problems of this type.

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