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Straight out of the Brimstone files, here is the Valorant Beginner’s Guide. Whether it’s your first time in the game or you need a refreshing memory, you might as well learn from an exceptional agent. And who else but Brimstone could have done this task?

Beginner’s Guide Valorant: What is Valorant?

Valorant is a Free-to-Play, First-Person Shooter (FPS). Released in closed beta on April 7, it is now available for free since June 2, 2020. The game, which began development in 2014, was first announced under the code name Project and in October 2019. With Riot Games known for their hit game League of Legends, we can’t help but be hyped about their new baby.

Progress of A Game on Valorant A game on Valorant consists of an attacking team and another in defense: the attacking team has a bomb called a spike that it must drop on one of the sites. If it is sufficiently protected and it explodes, the attackers gain a point. Use of valorant cheats is important there.

To know:

Each takes on the role of an “agent” of their choice with unique skills and uses an economical system to purchase utilities and weapons. You have to have won 13 rounds with your team to win the game. Each player has 1 life per round, i.e. if an opposing player kills you; you are bound to go to the next round. One team is in defense and one in attack.

Know the Skills of Each Agent

All enhancement agents first you need to choose from a group of agents, each with their own role and special skills. You will work with them to win. You can find out the specifics of each agent on our agents page (currently being written, it happens very quickly).

Counter Strike with its characters more commonly called “agents”. These agents have unique abilities that you need to know otherwise you need to custom part to see how they work. If ever you do not have all the agents (some must be unlocked), you can always read the list of their skills as well as their respective effects on our page listing all the agents (being written, it happens very quickly). This will prevent you from falling due to an arrow piercing the walls or being killed from heights.

How to Unlock More Agents in Valorant

This will also happen at level ten, which means the player will have access to seven of the ten available agents just by playing the game for a short time. For the remaining Agents, players will either have to enter into contracts that require him to gain a greater amount of experience, or purchase the levels using Valor Points. Players can find contracts on the same screen as recruiting. Scroll down to a locked agent and there should be a button that allows you to view the contract. 

 With this system, players can get the agents they know they want to play and work slowly to unlock new ones. Just make sure to activate the desired agent contract.

Choose the Agent That Suits You

Want to play only two agents? Are you not interested in the others? No problem. But you still need to know each of the skills you can come across in the game and their specifics. Knowing what types of effects your opponent has is absolutely necessary.

Have you finished testing all of the agents you unlocked? So now is the time to choose the agent that best suits your style of play. First you need to choose from a group of agents, each with their own role and special skills. You will work with them to win. You can find out the specifics of each agent on our agents page currently being written, it happens very quickly.

Namely, there are 4 groups of agents at the moment each with several agents: Duelists, Initiators, Sentries and Controllers. Each group has its specialties.

In Valorant, there are four different types of classes which are:

  • The Duelists: Jett, Phoenix, Raze and Reyna.
  • The Initiators: Sova and Breach.
  • The Sentinels: Sage and Cypher.
  • The Controllers: Brimstone, Omen and Viper.

The Duelists are agents with a complete kit. That allows them to develop alone. One objective: to do a lot of damage in the opposing lines to destabilize the team. This role is recommended if you like to go to the front line and take action on your own.

What Is A Rewarding Round?

As said before, there are several rounds per game and you have to win 13 to win. You switch sides after the 12th round, i.e. if you were an attacker you will switch to defense.

Course of The Round

Purchase phase: you start each round with a handgun and signature skill, buy weapons and skills with your credits, save and buy weapons for your teammates, earn credits by killing, laying down the spike and winner.

Attackers Victory: Kill all defenders or land the spike and blow it up.

Defenders Victory: Eliminate all attackers, hold out until time runs out, or defuse the spike.

Choose the Right Weapon According To the Situation

No one will tell you how to spend your money, but at one point or another, you’ll have to squeeze the trigger.There is a gun for each situation and you can study the characteristics of each weapon on our page dedicated to the arsenal. When in doubt, buy a certain weapon type and see if it matches your style, skill level, and team strategy.

The Types of Weapons Valuing

No single weapon will solve ALL of your problems, but every weapon can be the answer to one of them. At present there are 6 categories of weapons which are handgun, pm, rifle, sniper, machine gun and shotgun.

  • Handgun: useful if you are short of credits and in specific situations.
  • PM: Repaint the walls with short-range gusts.
  • Rifle: a type of weapon balanced from a distance as well as up close.
  • Sniper: With these weapons, concentration and timing are essential.
  • Machine gun: control areas with a rain of bullets.
  • Shotgun: at close range, they will wreak havoc.

Which Weapons to Choose?

It also looks like the CS: GO usp, stable and precise to easily put bullets in the heads of your enemies with a good rate of fire.  Sheriff is a weapon that could be compared to CS: GO’s Desert Eagle. If your aim is clean enough, in your hands it will be a real “Head Shots” machine.