Online Variants of Classic Games to Enjoy with Friends?

chess online game

Many of our best loved classic games experience enduring popularity due to their great replay value, historic pedigree and ability to bring people together. Yet nowadays, due to the impact of our modern, busy lives, it can be difficult to find the time to physically connect with our friends and loved ones. Fortunately, many great classic titles have been quite successfully adapted into digital formats that can be used to play with friends remotely from anywhere in the world. Below we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best digital versions of classic games out there today. Each of these succeed in delivering the compelling gameplay we know and love from their physical counterparts, as well as, in some cases, adding one or two welcome new features.

8 Ball Pool

Developed by Flash game pioneers Miniclip, 8 Ball Pool is now one of the most popular games played in the world today across all platforms. It’s easy to see why, given that any sacrifices in accuracy the game takes in approximating the game of pool it more than makes up for in satisfying gameplay. Join tournaments, play one-off PvP matches against randomised opponents or challenge your friends to a game, the compelling physics of 8 Ball Pool all but guarantee you’ll be sticking around for “just one more game”. And as a favourite among Facebook’s enormous user-base, you’ll never be in any trouble finding someone to play with.


The premier online chess platform in the world today, Chess.com has a long pedigree in the space dating back to 2007. While there are many imitators, Chess.com’s commitment to delivering the definitive online chess experience is unquestionable. The site now serves as the global hub for online chess games, and provides rich tutorials and a host of fun variants to explore for people on all stages of their chess journey. But beware, as chess grandmasters such as Bobby Fischer have been known to descend on the platform from time to time! The platform’s rich features make it easy to play with friends, or alternatively rely on the site’s professional grade Glicko rating system to match you with opponents at your level.


One of the leading lights of 21st century online poker, PokerStars and their downloadable client make it easier than ever to dive in with minimal friction across a host of popular variants. Replete with comprehensive features ranging from statistics to club management tools, setting up games with friends is as intuitive as it is rewarding. What’s more, with cross-play available across iOS, Android, Mac and PC, getting the gang back together is straight-forward no matter where they may happen to be.


Rento wears its influences proudly on its sleeve for all to see. Based upon perhaps the most popular single board game of the 20th century, Monopoly, Rento draws on this core inspiration and enthusiastically carries it into the modern era. While there are many versions of Monopoly available in the world today, and even a few decent digital adaptations, Rento is worth your time due to being built from the ground up with mobile and online gamers in mind. To this end it offers the functionality of being able to play with between 2 to 6 local or remote friends. You can even enjoy the experience solo, thanks to its sophisticated AI bots. Couple this all with impressive Facebook integration, and stunning 3D graphics, and you have an exciting new take on a perennial classic to explore.

Pogo Trivial Pursuit Online

Trivial Pursuit remains, in the eyes of many, the greatest quiz board game ever. As such, any attempt to put forward an alternative to it just doesn’t feel right. Pogo Trivial Pursuit Online is an official browser based variant of Trivial Pursuit, and incorporates the basic gameplay you know and love from the physical version and adds a visually appealing game-show spin to it. Host your own game and invite your friends, or dive in against online opponents in this fantastic update of a quizzical classic.

Lord of the Board

Lord of the Board is a backgammon app developed by Beach Bum Ltd. and available on both Android and iOS, as well featuring cross-play with Facebook. This makes it a great option for backgammon aficionados, as its ease of access across a range of platforms makes it a great choice for casual gaming. Lord of the Board serves up a visually appealing digital version of this classic title and incorporates the ability to make and join tournaments alongside an impressive host of features including detailed player statistics and a sophisticated RNG for dice rolls.