Online betting trends that will leave their mark in 2022

Online betting trends

The betting sector has been on the rise for a while now. This industry was $66.7 billion worth and according to projections, it will rise to an astounding $92.9 billion in the next year. But what is the state of global betting today? Are there some growing trends that are here to stay?

It is 2022 and we are more than 2 years into the pandemic. We all missed our beloved sports and it seems for now that everything is getting back to normal. That means that the world of betting will flourish even more. eSports betting is still big but it is going to be even more dynamic when we add technology advancements on top of everything.

People are getting increasingly interested in the world of online betting. The reasons are numerous- it is fun and exciting in the first place. Yet, people love betting because contrary to online casino games you can have a certain level of control. Great predictions can get some great returns.

What is new on the table for online bettors?

Online bettors will welcome various innovations this year that will make the entire process even easier. 

Cryptocurrencies as a payment method

They seem to emerge from out of nowhere and they took the entire world by storm. And now, we have a perfect storm that managed to merge cryptocurrencies with the world of betting.

Cryptocurrencies benefited betting in many ways but the most important aspects are increased safety of your funds and better identity protection.

This trend is slowly taking over all the corners of the world. For example, the best online betting sites in India accepted cryptocurrencies as a payment method with open arms since the government decided to lift the ban on cryptocurrencies. 

Wearables will play a bigger role in the betting industry in 2022

Smartwatches are great when it comes to multitasking. They are always measuring our health stats and heart rate. But they can bring a whole different layer of excitement. Smartwatches are like smartphones, seamlessly blended to our routine. With a smartwatch you can easily place a bet while you are doing something different. How cool is that?

Betting apps will evolve even more

There will be a huge demand for betting apps. Aside from a great platform and intuitive interface, what the customer will want is easier registration, easier research for different events.

Also, apps can help you foresee some changes in the law and react accordingly. We will see technology playing a bigger role, adding virtual reality and augmented reality to the mix, providing customers with an absolute gaming experience and neverending excitement.