Mapping the iGaming Revolution

Female gamer winning in online video game

The advancements in the betting industry worldwide has been nothing short of a revolution. The iGaming arena is one of the few industries that has stayed abreast with developments in the world, and while sometimes receives mixed reviews from a moral standpoint, never fails to draw a crowd from every corner of the globe. This article will attempt to map the changes of this ever growing industry.

The first reason for the iGaming industry’s boom is the matter of accessibility. Betting has grown with civilisation, and where a growing middle class has come to define societal progression, the accessibility to betting opportunities has followed.

People simply have more disposable income these days, which they can spend on leisure activities and hobbies, such as online sports betting.

A further explainer of this accessibility is the increased availability of tech and devices that wagers can be placed on.

Technology has had somewhat of a trickle down effect, and with the speed of advancements in the field has allowed more and more individuals access to better and better devices.

Tech devices such as smartphones laptops and tablets have  gone from being reserved for the few that can afford it to common unquestionable possessions.

The fact that so much betting is done online today is a clear indication that the practice is so easily accessible.

Another revolutionary advancement in the iGaming industry has to do with money. The practice of betting is cited to be older than money itself, with early wagers being placed on one of two outcomes, made with whatever people back then could argue to have value.

The introduction of money of course changed life as we know it, along with the practice of betting, but these days, the number of available payment methods to credit your betting account with are stifling, ensuring that it’s never been easier to start engaging in the practice.

Eager punters can use everything from online e wallets, apps, bank cards, bank transfers, you name it. It’s honestly never been easier to pick up a device and send money somewhere.

The issue of technology has already been lightly touched on, as it has much to do with accessibility, but another way that it has influenced this betting boom is through the available features, and the ease with which it is now possible to place a bet.

Tech has transformed betting from a practice that required you to be at an event, to requiring you to be in a shop, to now allowing you to be wherever you like, with only having to press a few buttons.

Attractive offers from betting sites is another area that can explain a revolution in the iGaming sphere. In countries like South Africa, betting sites with welcome bonus offer as much as double the money you initially put down, as well as other offers such as free bet credits, promotions, and more.

The last driver of this iGaming revolution are the features offered aside from betting. Online bookmakers today offer far more than just wagers on sports events. Online casino, online the extremely popular betting games, virtual sports, and more.

It is clear to see from all that is offered today, how far the iGaming industry has come in such a short time, and why it has developed in the way that it has. By no means does it show any signs of slowing down.