Live Casino – How Dedicated Studios Improve Your Gaming Experience

When it comes to a truly authentic and engaging gambling experience, the live casino is the most popular among players and enthusiasts. Its popularity and appeal among players are understandable. In a live casino environment, players are offered an immersive gaming experience. Casino table action happens in front of the dealer and the shuffling and dealing of cards to the announcement of winners are done in real-time.

Also, this gaming arrangement puts the players face-to-face with an attractive dealer even if the studio is on a remote location and the player is staying at home using his mobile device. Even if youíre playing from the Philippines, you can take part in live blackjack or live roulette sessions in real-time from a studio in Riga, Latvia or Canada.

The remote play in real-time is made possible through the use of streaming technologies, multiple cameras. But more than the mobility and instantaneous gameplay, the mobile live casino experience offers the best service thanks to the use of dedicated studios and tables.

What are Dedicated Studios and Game Rooms?

To stream the games live to your preferred device, the software company requires the use of streaming technology, fast internet, multiple cameras, and these are streamed instantaneously from a dedicated studio. Itís not your average studio used for shooting videos; a live casino studio is purpose-built with bespoke dedicated tables and an environment that replicates the traditional gambling environment. In these studios, you can find dedicated tables and environments which are run by professional and attractive dealers. You will find a separate table for each game hosted by the operator. Even the backgrounds replicate what you normally expect in a grand gambling facility.

To ensure streamlined and stress-free delivery of live casino games, studios will often incorporate the Mission Control Room (MCR) which offers rapid intervention and resolutions of complaints of players as related through the chat facility. You can use this feature to communicate with the live dealer or send your questions regarding the game or specific bonus. This feature also allows the management to run promotional campaigns even during in-play. In short, this facility allows socialization even if you play from your device.

Diverse Collection of Games, Managed by Native Speakers

In a dedicated studio, you will also find a diverse collection of live casino games that are not available in standard and traditional gaming environments. Aside from the traditional game variants of live poker, blackjack, and roulette, you will also find studios that offer premium tables with higher betting limits. You can even find some dedicated tables that accept a minimum of $500, $1,000 or even $10,000!

Some studios also take the gaming experience to a whole new level by offering themed and classy playing environments. Playtech live casino just released a statement this November 2019 regarding its collaboration with GVC Holdings to come up with a dedicated live casino environment called ĎElevationí. True to its name, the studio comes with a vast video wall that creates a backdrop of an immersive and impressive skyline. In short, this new studio for live casino Philippines players will provide a breathtaking gambling spectacle.

Aside from a diverse selection of games, these dedicated studios also feature attractive and highly professional game dealers. These dealers are trained in different types of games and they know how to handle different types of players.

More importantly, the majority of casinos that offer casino live dealer productions host dealers that are fluent in different languages. Itís now common among many operators to hire and manage a team of professional dealers that are fluent in the playersí native languages like Spanish, French, Chinese, and Deutsch. Since the assigned dealer in your table speaks your native language, itís easier to communicate, send your queries, and get the assistance that you need in an instant.

All these features and services that you can enjoy in top-rated casinos help promote a truly engaging gambling experience thatís not readily available in traditional platforms.