KFC Network Console : Keeps Fried Chicken Warm

KFC – yes, the famous restaurant chain specializing in selling fried chicken wings, announced KFConsole, its own video game console.

No, we are telling told you: this is not an April Fool’s Day. The thing is real. There is no need to check your calendar because no, today is not April Fool’s Day. Still, we have news that seems very appropriate for April 1st.

The multinational fast-food chain has partnered with Cooler Master and created a console – or, better said, a mini PC dedicated to running exclusively digital games – to debut its new sub-brand, KFC Gaming. The device draws attention because the iconic buckets of fried chicken inspire its design, but the big difference is even for the patented Chicken Chamber system.

Ladies and gentlemen, KFConsole has a drawer that reuses the natural heat of electronic components to heat your chicken wings and keep them always crispy through a complex air passage system.

Although all this may seem like a bad joke, the reality is that KFConsole offers fascinating hardware. Its computational core is inspired by Intel Nuc 9, and it will be possible to configure it with a series of Asus video cards and up to 2 TB of SSD storage (BarraCuda, from Seagate).

Ah, it is worth mentioning also the native compatibility with virtual reality titles, ray tracing (graphic technology that both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S have) and image quality in 4K resolution, with a rate of 240 frames per second (or fps) at 240 Hz for compatible monitors. It is not soft, no.

Unfortunately, as much as the console’s revelation was quite eye-catching, KFC did not give great details about the product – we don’t know how much it will cost when it is available on the market, nor what its game store will be like (would it be its own platform?). It is worth following this madness.