Jurassic World Continues Its Gaming Journey in VR

Gaming Journey in VR

Virtual reality has enjoyed a real resurgence in the last few years, with a host of exciting experiences making use of the technology and its immersive capabilities.

Now, a new VR title based on one of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster franchises looks set to give players a taste of some serious prehistoric peril.

Surviving the aftermath

In the middle of December, sites including Mashable reported on the news that Jurassic World Aftermath has been launched on the Quest platform.

Developed by Coatsink, the game sees players take on the role of a security expert who is attempting to access trade secrets from servers on Isla Nublar, the island which has played a crucial role in the massive movie franchise through the years. However, matters are complicated when you are hunted by dinosaurs and you have to do your best to survive in the surroundings.

Mashable adds that while no famous faces from the franchise appear in the game, Jeff Goldblum and BD Wong have recorded new dialogue for the title. It is also anticipated that fans will not have to wait long for further action either, as Part 2 downloadable content is expected at some point in 2021.

A major gaming presence

Jurassic World Aftermath is just the latest way that the famous franchise has been adapted into the world of gaming. The brand has shown up in many areas through the years, including some which might be regarded as surprising. For instance, NetBet is just one example of a casino online which features the Jurassic World slot. The game is joined on the site by a host of other titles inspired by big-screen blockbusters, including Jumanji and Terminator 2.

The news about Jurassic World Aftermath also comes hot on the heels of the launch of Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition on the Nintendo Switch. As Eurogamer outlines, the game launched in November and calls on players to manage the theme park and create an ideal tourist destination. Elsewhere, Jurassic World: The Game is also available on mobile and was released as the official game of the film of the same name. Its Google Play listing details how players can collect more than 200 unique dinosaurs, while they also have to create an effective park for the different species to thrive.

Such developments show that Jurassic World clearly has a big presence in gaming, but the franchise is not quite done with the big screen just yet. Director Colin Trevorrow confirmed on Twitter in November that filming had wrapped on the latest movie outing, Jurassic World Dominion.

An intriguing step

It is likely that many fans of Jurassic World will be excited about the Aftermath game and it will be interesting to see how it ultimately fares.

Taking the dinosaurs into the domain of virtual reality is an intriguing step and it arguably opens up fresh possibilities for games based on the franchise. With a new movie well and truly on the way, it may not be the last time that we see the creatures emerge in that space.