How to find the best Minecraft server of 2023

Minecraft server

Minecraft Servers keep the world turning. Or, at the very least, the Minecraft worlds. It is no secret that the PC community has the most ambitious players in the world, and the finest Minecraft servers are proof of this. Minecraft, the architectural artist’s paradise, has been a fantastic creative outlet for players who can create to their hearts’ content without knowing a single line of code. 

Minecraft SMP servers are a game mode in which users gather as a community to play on a Minecraft server. SMP servers often feature no or very few plugins to ensure that the gaming experience is as near to vanilla survival as feasible.

Their creations and ideas live on thousands of servers. Each server is its self-contained multiplayer environment, complete with its own set of laws, gameplay style, and communities. 

One thing to bear in mind is that different servers may run outdated versions of Minecraft at times.  To join a Minecraft server, first, choose a server that sounds interesting such as any of the ones listed below and copy the IP address. Start the game, then select multiplayer’ and ‘create a server.’ Next, provide the server’s IP address and name.

The Immortal SMP is the largest Minecraft survival server available, with a network that can support up to 1000 concurrent users. It sticks to the vanilla gameplay experience and only makes the most minimal changes to the game.

How to Play Immortal Survival Server

Launch the launcher, then click the “Play” button, and then choose “Multiplayer” from the menu.

Click the “Add Server” tab, enter the text play.immortal.com in the “Server Address” field, and then click “Done.”

When the connection becomes available and goes green, click the “Join Server” button to begin playing IMMORTAL SURVIVAL.

It supports Minecraft version 1.18, however, you can log in and play on the server with any older or lower version.

This server is currently hosted in the United States and has a strong internet connection. On the immortal survival Minecraft Server, you can play Anarchy, Survival, Vanilla, Hardcore, Skyblock, Towny, and Factions.

You can join the server by clicking on the following invite link: In immortal survival, you may speak with other players, request help, and read about the latest developments.