How to be a smart lottery player?

Lottery ticket with a pen

Luck is always smiling for some groups with sufficient financial resources and recruiting members who know the algorithm well to invest in the lottery. That’s the conclusion of math experts after discovering that there was always a group of people who specialised in winning small prizes of the Cash WinFall lottery in Massachusetts on select dates. For those groups, playing the lottery is like gambling and always winning.

The note to occupy the high winning rate

To get a high win rate, let’s note the following:

Buy lottery tickets: To be able to win the lottery, it is apparent that you have to buy a lottery ticket to have the opportunity to receive a reward. It is a humorous fact that I witness many friends who never spend their money on lottery tickets. However, they always say that if there is a large amount of money from the lottery, they won’t know what to do. Perhaps the winner’s secret to buying tickets is here https://loto188.me/rong-bach-kim.html. It’s correct?

Choose the right time: Have you ever questioned which lottery ticket is easy to win? The answer is all the days before the draw. However, you should buy early to choose a fair number according to your preferences. You should keep in mind that it’s not always possible to play this prize-winning lottery, but need to know what your lucky number is today. From there, you can decide whether or not to spend money. Otherwise, if you are too unlucky, you should choose another day.

Note the address to buy a ticket: It’s easy to own a traditional lottery ticket or buy it online. In addition to purchasing lottery tickets in any locality, you have the opportunity to win. So, you can choose freely.

Consider the quantity: Many people have told each other how to buy lottery tickets for special prizes as follows: buy many tickets. If you own a lottery ticket, the win rate is only about 1 in 100 million, but if there are many tickets, your chances of winning will increase much higher.

Wait for luck: Many players have the psychology of buying randomly, and indeed some people have won the jackpot in this way. However, purchasing this bridge is not usually effective. We can’t keep waiting for something that brings success rates so low. It’s both costly and frustrating.

You may not believe it, but many people have chosen numbers in unique ways like no one: dice, draw, pick odd numbers, vice versa, so on and there are also cases of unbelievably winning by this. It is true that when lucky to find themselves to the door.

Research the numbers before buying: It is a way to increase the chances of winning guaranteed lottery tickets you need to refer to. Is it better to find the rules of the number and predict the probability of its appearance before each prize draw rather than guessing the right number?

However, this is not easy for those who do not know about numerical calculations, so you should use supporting software such as weekly, monthly and yearly lottery statistics, lottery prediction, spin the lottery test.

Very few people can consistently analyze the software and buy lottery tickets daily. Although the mathematical theory of calculating the laws of numbers is difficult to correct and the success rate is not high. However,

In fact, the lottery experts have analyzed the very lucky cases and there were many people who won the lottery. For each locality, the calculation of lottery tickets is also different, so if you want to invest, you need to pay attention.

Simple way to calculate the probability of winning the lottery

Everyone has the desire to win the lottery, but few people can consciously understand that the numbers have its rules of rotation. Therefore, the rate of choosing the right numbers will be shallow.

According to loto188.me: With 1 million lottery tickets issued, one ticket will win 2 billion VND. Many people mistakenly believe that the higher the number of tickets issued, the lower the chance of winning. But the probability of winning the lottery is 0,00006%, much higher than the lottery ticket (0,0000123% – Vietlott). With this lottery calculation, players can put their faith in the traditional lottery more.

The following is an example of how to calculate the traditional lottery probability, namely 6 numbers out of 45 numbers:

If the probability of winning the first number will be: 6/45 => (1)

If the probability of winning the 2nd number after winning the first number: (1) x 5/44 => (2)

If the probability of winning the third number after winning the first two numbers: (2) x 4/43 => (3)

If the probability of winning the fourth number after winning the first three numbers: (3) x 3/42 => (4)

If the probability of winning the 5th number after winning the first four numbers: (4) x 2/41 => (5)

If the probability of winning the 6th number after winning the first five numbers: (5) x 1/40

The probability of buying any 6-digit lottery ticket, your chances of winning will be: 6/45 x 5/44 x 4/43 x 3/42 x 2/41 x 1/40 = (6x5x4x3x2x1)/ (45x44x43x42x41x40) = 720/ 5,864,443,200 = 1/ 8,145,060.

Depending on the different types of lottery, the calculation of the lottery results is different. If you are buying a lottery in the South, it is worth noting the appropriate Southern calculation. If the lottery calculation of another area is applied, it will not follow the rules and may be miscalculated.

Develop a strategy to play the lottery and apply the formula to calculate probability. It will bring you high efficiency.

To have a good strategy, you need to do the following: Buy more than one lottery ticket and join the lottery groups. Don’t often play but buy lots of lottery tickets. Also, check your purchased lottery tickets regularly and know when to stop before it’s too late.

In short

Above are the ways to calculate the probability of the lottery that you can refer to. Don’t underestimate it, because a lot of people have won big when applying this skill. Good luck to you guys.