How games utilize artificial intelligence

utilize artificial intelligence

Among the many developments in gaming, one of the most exciting is the increased use of artificial intelligence (AI). While it is not a new idea – a rudimentary form of AI was used in Wolfenstein 3D in 1992 – recent years have seen increased use to help create a more satisfying, immersive gaming experience.

Non-player characters

Non-player characters or NPCs have long been used in video games, but their usage was limited with predictable reactions. Using AI has allowed game developers to increase their effectiveness. Games today have NPCs that can act creatively and intelligently as if another player rather than an algorithm controlled them. This brings a much greater sense of realism to the game and adds to the challenge for the gamer.

Giving NPCs AI is a delicate balancing act. Gamers want the NPCs to provide a challenge, but it should not be so clever as to make beating it impossible, as no one would want to play such a game. A way of balancing this is to have two AIs. In Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation, there is both an alien AI and a director AI. The director has a passive role in creating a satisfying gaming experience and knows what is happening in the game at all times. This is not shared with the alien that must react to audio and visual clues in the game.

Casino monitors

Online casinos use AI to analyze player information. It can swiftly analyze data, including the games they play, navigation patterns, and how long they play to enhance players’ user experience. By identifying valuable customers, they can also offer rewards such as bonuses or promotions. is an excellent place to look for information on new games, from live dealers to new megaways, making it easy to see which ones are utilizing new technology to create an enjoyable gaming experience.

AI can also be used in customer support as a chatbot. While most online casinos still use people in their online customer support, factors such as fatigue can affect their performance. Impersonal chatbots have long been programmed to respond with procedures and set facts. However, increasingly intelligent chatbots are being used to understand questions and emotions while serving many customers at once.


By monitoring player behavior and comparing it to the behavior typical of gambling addicts, AI can help identify those with a gambling addiction and encourage responsible gaming. Good online casinos care about their players’ wellbeing and want them to have an enjoyable experience, not a dangerous one. If irresponsible behavior is spotted, an intelligent system can encourage a player to take a break or even restrict them for a period.

Players who use AI to try to cheat the system will be in for a shock as online casinos are also using AI to tackle the problem. Analysis can allow them to suspend any account suspected of cheating pending further investigation. The casino does not unfairly lose revenue by supporting fair play, and a better experience is maintained for all.

As AI continues to develop, the gaming industry is sure to keep pace, finding a myriad of innovative ways to use this exciting technology.