How Foldable Phone Might Change The Gaming Industry

It seems like all the major phone brands are on a race to bring the foldable phone concept to life. Phone manufacturing companies such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Apple are now introducing foldable phones to the public. There is a high possibility that these phones would gain a lot of attention.

These phones look a lot thicker than the regular smartphone, and its magic lies along the edge of the screen. Foldable phones allow the user to convert them into tablets at will. This is a great leap for the mobile gaming industry as it would make mobile games more like their desktop counterparts. The change in the size of the device makes it easier for users to interact with their apps and data.


One of the major upsides to foldable phones is its gaming interface. Most apps and games do well to adapt their user interface and experience to meet the demands of smartphones and tablets alike. However, the foldable phone lets you choose any one of the two options that suit you. For instance, the smartphone screen interface works well with quick messages and social media apps like Instagram. Still, the user can switch to the tablet mode if there is an email that requires them to work on a spreadsheet. This is a very attractive feature that revolutionizes the use of phones for a lot of users. Several apps work perfectly on both smartphones and tablets alike. A foldable phone is a perfect phone for such apps as they are multipurpose ready.

One thing that we must note is that foldable phones are quite expensive. Those that want to take the big leap should ensure that they have at least $2,000 if they want to purchase a Samsung product. Gamers that would use their devices immensely would find that these phones have stress tolerance levels. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Fold Phone can endure about 200,000 folds; which means that 100 folds every day for 5 years are its limit. And this is not even considering the other lesser brands in the business. This is why gamers have to consider this before making a purchase.

Besides the durability and stress tolerance levels, these foldable phones are quite beneficial for the mobile game developing the industry. It would serve as the bridge between tablet and smartphone gaming, and help developers utilize a bigger screen as the standard for mobile games. However, this doesn’t mean that everything would become rosy for mobile game developers. This is because they would face challenges with optimization and might take a long time to overcome aspect ratio issues. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy fold has a 21:9 fold aspect ratio and a 4.2:3 opened aspect ratio, while the Huawei Mate X has more complicated aspect ratios than that. The Mate X has one aspect ratio for the back and one for the front. Developers are working tirelessly to balance out aspect ratio issues so that shifting from ratio to ratio on a variety of devices would soon become a thing of the past.

Most game developers have integrated mobile versions of their games. From online multiplayer player games, racing games, adventure games, slot games to casino games, no sector in the iGaming industry has been left out in this technology advancement. Even casinos have joined the race, as no man wants to be left behind. This is why most casinos create mobile versions of their games, they need to attract new generation players. They also have to meet the mobile accessibility demands placed by customers. It will be interesting to see how the casino industry will adapt their mobile games to the foldable phone technology.

One notable issue is that most games are developed for smaller screens. One has to wonder if video games on the foldable phone are taking full advantage of the wide screens. The wider screen can produce a better gaming experience due to the bigger display in some of the video games while it has less significance in other games. Games like alto adventure, PUBG, and CSR racing showcase the benefits of a wider screen and better hard ware. The background that was cut off in portrait mode screen gets added and the games just look good. Games like downwell do not do so well with the wider screen because more swiping needs to take place.

A foldable phone gives a user a tablet-like gaming experience without downsides of extra weight and screen bezels of a tablet. The user experience while gaming on a foldable phone depends on the make of the phone. For instance, the transition from portrait to landscape mode while gaming on the Huawei Mate X is very smooth and seamless due to its design. The Samsung Galaxy fold does not allow for such continuity and ease of transition due to inwards folding mode.

Mobile gaming and app development are heading towards the utilization of wider screen ratios on foldable phones. Having that much real estate on a phone has made gaming a lot more exciting and better games in all categories are yet to come. Most mobile game users cannot wait to see lay in wait for them as the quantum shift to a bigger screen begins.


The foldable phones are the future in this present time, and they have the highest potential of moving mobile gaming towards a very flexible gaming future. This is all great, but we must not forget that there might be a lot of costs to the customers who would want to use this device. This is why mobile game developers and foldable phone making brands work together to create affordable devices with an interface that supports flexible mobile games. Foldable phones are the future, and they are now!

Image Credits: Gaming Industry from Gorodenkoff /Shutterstock

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