Hitman 3 : Initial 5 minutes upgraded with Visuals Effects

Hitman 3 initial 5 minutes upgraded and showcases visuals & effects. IO Interactive showed its new Glacier engine upgrades and enhancements in 5 minutes footage of Hitman 3 PC gameplay.

New Hitman 3 showcases in the footage the newly introduced improvements that IO Interactive has done with in-house Glacier engine, having NPCs and atmospheric effects.

IO Interactive will be sending off the Hitman trilogy off with a bang. Hitman 3 makes some significant upgrades over the first two games, starting with 4K 60FPS on PS5 and Xbox Series X, whereas a bit of new PC gameplay footage illustrates how the game will look gaming’s most enhanced and powerful platform.

The new footage showcases 5 minutes of the opening Dubai mission. There is no big action–there’s no killing with mostly subterfuge and tons of beautiful exotic atmospheric effects–but arguably which doesn’t need to be. Agent 47’s exploits mostly have been about spy-style stealth and disguise. We do get an excellent glimpse of Agent 47 atop one of the world’s tallest buildings in Dubai, India, and a candid glance at the Glacier engine’s new NPC rendering technology. It can pack up to 300 NPCs in a single area at one time.

“When we released the first Hitman game 20 years ago, we’ve been setting the bar for AI in games. We continue to push that envelope with more than 300 active NPC AIs at once, expanding on the possibilities in the living, breathing world that players have come to expect from us,” said IO Interactive community developer Clemens Koch.

We don’t know the PC’s specs the footage was captured on (the video only goes up to 1080p 60FPS, for example) but we should expect the game to look and play exceptionally well on PC–especially if you have a newer RTX 3090 GPU.