Hitman 3 : A Complete Solution for all Goals

Hitman 3 is now available with a complete solution for all goals. One last adventure is to destroy the ICA and Providence once and for all.

Accompany Agent 47 in Hitman 3 through new landscapes and pursue your killer instinct. Because not only new goals await you, but also new game concepts that will put your skills to the test, so that you always have an overview and can do your job flawlessly, we tell you in detail where you can find the essential items and how you can best turn off the target persons.

Destinations at a Glance

Hitman 3 has six new locations that you can travel to. To get to the respective complete solution, you can click directly on the name and the blue link:

This time the locations are very clearly arranged and offer you enough complexity despite the relatively small show location. This is mainly because some of Agent 47’s missions deviate from the usual pattern. While you can solve a mysterious death as a private detective in Dartmoor, you have to make a Berlin statement and do not have the characteristic target markers to help you.

If variety is not your thing, there are plenty of opportunities in Dubai, for example, to mimic the classic contract killer. Of course, there are also the well-known story missions you can follow or first explore the map and browse through the challenges you can master.

Your latest achievement will give you a huge advantage in some missions. As soon as you start in Dubai, you have to use your new device. With the camera phone’s help, you can hack individual data terminals and use them to open windows or doors.

You can then use it to manipulate security systems, whereby a multi-level authentication in the form of dongles is necessary. So always keep eyes open and don’t rush past desks that might have something valuable on them.

You can also use it to take photos and shoot beautiful pictures for your gallery and complete one or the other challenge with it. Unfortunately, there is no selfie function, but that would also be less in keeping with Agent 47’s nature.

Agent 47 has already caused a stir in the world in the past. Suppose you are not that familiar with the story of our agent. In that case, we recommend the following video, in which we briefly introduce you to the essential critical data from Hitman.

Take over Hitman 2 Game Progress

In Hitman 3, you have the option of transferring your score from Hitman 2 and adopting it in the new game. This is useful in that it makes all the items you have collected so far available to you.

When you initiate the game for the first time, you will be asked directly. If you agree, you will be redirected to a website. Fill in the necessary data, and your game progress will be adopted. Otherwise, you can trigger this manually in the main menu.